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The Geo-Mining Multifarious Convention: Minare 5.0

Mar 8, 2020|4 minutes

Saumya Sinha

Sriniketh Shankar

Sibasis Sahu

The much-awaited geo-mining fest of NIT Rourkela, Minare started with a bang on the 6th of March. It brought in various eminent personalities in the domain of mining Engineering from across India. The inauguration set things rolling at 6 pm graced by the presence of the honorable Director of NITR Dr. Animesh Biswas. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the eminent personalities deliver speeches that inspired the audience. It was hosted by Kaustav Ray and Swati Kumari.

Er. PK Panda, Senior President, and Unit Head at Essel mining and industries limited presided over as the chief guest. Sri. HN Nayak, regional officer, State pollution control board was the guest of honour. Other dignitaries present on the dais were esteemed director of NIT Rourkela-Prof. Animesh Biswas, Head of the Mining department-Prof. H.B. Sahu, senior professor-Prof H.K. Naik. It was a 2-day event spanning over the entire weekend and witnessed participants from various colleges including IITs and NITs.


The events of Minare officially started on the 7th of march.

The first event was the Industrial Design problem, where a team of a maximum of 4 students was supposed to solve an industry-related problem statement in a given time frame. This event witnessed a good number of participants. The next event was Carte blanche, which was basically a presentation competition. The participants were in teams again and had to present a PowerPoint presentation with proper research involved. The topics were any sub to topic related to the mining industry. This event aimed to boost the students' confidence and helps them overcome problems related to presentations. The third event was Survey Fever. In this, the students were given a piece of land, which was to be surveyed by the participants. The teams were scored on the basis of accuracy.

This was followed by a guest lecture by Falguni Sarkar, Head of internal safety organization, Uranium Corporation of India Limited(UCIL), Jharkhand. He has done extensive research on mine safety management, risk assessment, injury epidemiology. His guest lecture was on reforms in Indian Mine legislation, which basically covered all the changes that have been made by the governing body controlling Indian mines.

Next in the row was Kritansh prelims organized in the TIIR Auditorium with the aim to provide the students with an exposure to the on-going predicaments and headways in the field of mining. The event was coordinated by Kaustuv Ray, a second-year student from the Mining Department. It was an hour-long event whose finals were about to be held on the next day of Minare at the same venue.

With the lunch break at 12, Minare was put to a break letting the participants recoup their energy and get back on the fields.

The next event was Bid-to-Win, one of the most interesting and stimulating events of Minare. This event was all about examining the participants’ skills to trade when it comes to ores around which all their works revolve. It was coordinated by Rohan Kumar Pattnaik and was held in the TIIR Auditorium from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How to implement classroom knowledge in the real-life world is the first thing an engineer must know before heading towards true grounds. Minare’s next offering to its participants was the event Survey Fever where they had an opportunity to apply their knowledge of surveying which is an imperative requirement in the planning and execution of almost every form of construction. It was coordinated by Indrajeet Kumar and Niraj Pandey in the Mining department in two slots.

Mining is no more about the old-fashioned hand-operated workings but has moulded more towards mechanization. GeoBotics was one such event that provided the students from distinct streams all over India to showcase their abilities in Automation and Robotics. In this event, students had to build a manual robot which would be effective and efficient in both ways -Production & Cost. It was the last event of the day and was held from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Department Lawns.

It was coordinated by Akshat Shuka, Sambodhi Manna, and Vishal Kadam. On asking one of the coordinators, Akshat Shukla about the event and participation of students, he had this to say,

“With development of science and technology, we can conquer the world", with the same motive Geobotics one of the most successful event of Minare 2020. It aimed at designing a bot with a balance of both efficient production and effective cost which can be utilised in mining industry. Team From NIT Rourkela and other college's put a lot of time and effort in designing their bot according to the challenges of the event. They faced a lot of difficulty in overcoming the obstacles which are designed to simulate the harsh mining conditions, but overall all the teams performed well. The event could not be possible without the hard work of all the event managers. Overall it was a great event and I hope that this kind of events helps in overcoming the present-day challenges faced by the mining industry.


Day 2 started with the same fervour and sincerity with events like Mritika and Affiche.

Mritika was more of a quest to test the participants’ on their skills of geology which is an ultimate solution to all the flaws and fissures.

Mritika was coordinated by Kumar Adarsh Verma, who had this to say about the event,

Mritika was a Geology event containing 2 rounds, first being ore identification followed by Rapid fire round. Participants from different college showed a keen interest towards both the rounds and the event was successfully completed.

Affiche(Poster Design) was going on along with Mritika from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. in the Mining Department. Affiche was coordinated by Jagadish Mohanty and was all about creativity as it aimed at designing posters.

It was followed by a guest lecture based on the topic of “Have your own mine” in the TIIR Auditorium. It was delivered by Harshpal Singh Sarangdevat, Managing Director of Earth Mining group. There was also a Q&A session where the students asked questions and he provided them with the answers for those. It lasted for about an hour before coming to an end at around 11:15 am.

Then came in Prof. A.K Gorai who orated regarding how to fare in the GATE Examinations for the mining department students. He talked about time management, tricks to solve the questions within the stipulated time. He pointed out the topics from the portion of the mining syllabus that needed to be focused upon for their greater weightage in the GATE examinations. He also talked about how institutes differ in their deliverance of gate syllabus and indicated that some of the portions have to be covered by the students themselves if not covered by the institute. He gave a broader idea regarding the GATE examinations with facts and stats pertaining to the students appearing for it and those who successfully work their way through it. The difficulty of the question paper was another aspect that he touched in his speech. He emphasized on clearing one’s basics and the importance of sufficient practice based on one’s individual ability.

The proceedings were put to a halt for a lunch break after this.

The second day then resumed with Exodus. It was a case study which gave an opportunity to the budding engineers to get a taste of the problems that are often encountered by Managers and Executives of a mine, Not only experience but also a chance to propose a solution after proper analysis of the problem in the most cost-effective manner possible. It was coordinated by Nitesh and held at TIIR Auditorium.

Next up were the finals of Kritansh, the quiz competition coordinated by Kaustuv Ray. It was held at the same venue as the day before at TIIR Auditorium. It took almost an hour to decide the winner of this quiz competition which involved questions related to Mining, Geology, Processing, and other related topics.

Last but not least was time for the Valedictory function. It started at around 5 pm. It was presided over by the professors from the mining department and Prof.S.K Patel. The ones who had emerged victorious over the course of three days of MINARE were awarded for their caliber and excellence. With this MINARE 2020 officially came to an end.

Prof.H.B Sahu, HOD of mining department, put forward his views regarding the fest as such-

Minare is a student's technical festival where the students play a major role. I had a very good team led by Soumya Ranjan Mohanty followed by Prabhu and his team. Without their support, this fest would not have been successful. There weren't many obstacles except for financial problems. We got that covered up to a great extent through sponsorship. Imfa, manganese ore of India limited were some of our major sponsors. The participation too was good. Around 120 students from different institutions from mining and geological background participated in it. The faculty strength of our department would go up by 50-60% and I am looking forward to their support for the next edition of Minare. With proper publicity and improved quality of events, we are hoping for greater participation of students not only from our(mining) branch but also from other disciplines in Minare 2021.

The winners of Minare 5.0 have been tabulated below:

Team Minare had these, who lead from the front to make it a successful event:

Given below is the list of managers and coordinators of the events that Minare 5.0 comprised:

Team MM congratulates the organisers of MINARE 2020 which was realised after a two-year break, due to the hard work and efforts that were put in. We wish them all the best for their future prospects.

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