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Step into the entrepreneurial world with NES 2020

Feb 7, 2020|5 minutes

Magna Mishra

K Aditya

Naman Agrawal

The budding entrepreneurs of NIT Rourkela ended their week on a high note with the National Entrepreneurship Summit or NES 2020, which was organized by E-Cell. Spread over 3 days (7th to 9th February), NES has been organized every year since 2013 with the hopes of nurturing and inspiring aspiring business enthusiasts. NES also has a dedicated website. Companies such as the ED Times Youth blog, The Education Tree, Campus bloggers, ISET 2020, Rourkela Shines and clubs Axiom and Hourglass had partnered up with E-Cell for this event.

On the very first day itself, the weather proved to be a major challenge. Lashing rains and cold winds marred the spirit of the participants and delayed the opening ceremony by almost an hour, what was planned to begin at 5:30 PM began at 6:20 PM. It was organized at TIIR auditorium and was presided over by SAC president Prof. Seemita Mohanty, dean academics Prof. SK Patel, vice presidents of technical society Prof. SK Behera and Prof. MR Tripathy, FacAd of E-Cell Prof. Sasmita Mishra, chief guest Ashutosh Srivastava and guest of honor Ghanashyam Shankar.

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The welcome address was presented by hosts Monalisha Mallick and Adarsh. This was followed by the felicitation of dignitaries, Prof. Seemita Mohanty offered the inaugural address in which she said

In next two decades entrepreneurs will be providing the jobs,not the government. Innovation does not come from big established companies. Its the entrepreneurs who innovate. Entrepreneurship isn’t learnt in classrooms, you have to get out of your comfort zone to learn these. For today’s generation, the three buzz words are imagine, innovate and create.

Dean SK Patel, Prof. SK Behera, Prof. MR Tripathy also addressed the crowd. Guest of honor Ghanashyam Shankar took over the mic next. While addressing he said

Entreprenuer is the one who has the courage to take the next step forward. Over the next two days, make the best of your time with networking.

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In his initial address, chief guest Ashutosh Srivastava said

The whole point of a start-up is to serve that 1% of the population who approah you. Huge shoutout to the ladies in the room, I am so happy that many of you are willing to become an entrepreneur.

After a short break of about 20 minutes, participants were guided to the board room at TIIR where the first guest lecture of the series was presented by Asuthosh Srivastava. Mr. Srivastava, who is the CTO and co-founder of Jodova Technologies shared some of his advice about the ideas and efforts which have to be invested in a start-up. His advice was to start simple, take baby steps and invest heavily in research. The audience was explained about the importance of strong technical support, marketing, competition, and growth by using a fictitious model of e-commerce that sells t-shirts.

While interacting with the audience, Mr. Srivastava said

Steve Jobs said stay hugry, stay foolish. My advice to you would be to stay ruthless, stay shameless. Don’t be afraid of being ruthless and shameless while expanding your business. Don’t wait for the competition to come to you, take it to your competitors.

After an enthralling interaction, Kalaam night was organized in the board room instead of its supposed venue at SAC due to the merciless rains.

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Design Thinking Workshop

A Design Thinking workshop was conducted in RM hall on the second day and started at 10:00 AM. The workshop was a hands-on, activity-based session built around the Design Thinking process. It lasted for about two hours. The workshop focused on five phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test, of designing thinking. The workshop was all about collaboration and problem-solving. Design Thinking can be applied to all areas of business, and a Design Thinking workshop can, therefore, be useful for everyone. The very essence of the workshop lied in teamwork and thinking out of the box. The workshop was incredibly fun and engaging. To make the workshop more dynamic and interactive, two sessions were held on day 2 consisting of about 30 participants each. The workshop was conducted by Ghanashyam Shankar ( Founder, Edler Club).

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After successfully completing two sessions, Ghanashyam Shankar had this to say:

Day 2 comes to an end. It was a vibrant set of students who were keen to know new things and understand how problem-solving is done in companies and how learning design thinking can help them in the future. I had a nice time and the management has been impeccable. In spite of the weather issues, the program is running smoothly.

Rama Krishna Behera, a participant said:

I had a really nice experience attending the workshop. I got practical experience in how the design thinking process works in real-life scenarios. Moreover, it was the first of its kind to be held in NITR, I guess. In general, these kinds of workshops cost more when you attend them by yourself, NES conducted them for free. I would suggest that these kinds of workshops should be encouraged as they give an idea about solving problems and come up with solutions.


The most interesting part of the day was B-Plan. The event was supposed to start at 9:30 but it started at 11:00 AM at TIIR Board Room. B-Plan was a closed room pitching session and a ground-breaking innovation platform for the participants designed to boost the next generation entrepreneurs of India. It was where startups met mentors, experts, and investors. It was a chance for the participants to move one step further and take their startup to a new zenith. The judges of the session were Ravi Ranjan, Ashutosh Srivastava, Rashmi Ranjan Sahu, Vishnu Nagaraj, and Chiranjibi Samal. 12 teams participated in the event and put forth their ideas in front of the judging panel with no other teams allowed in the room. After the completion of the event, the team had an interactive session with the mentors wherein the students willing to become an entrepreneur put forth their questions.

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Ravi Ranjan, one of the judges said:

It’s my second visit to NIT Rourkela. I really like the energy in this campus and today, we saw some really good startups and some of them are incubated in NIT Rourkela and are doing an amazing work. Ecell, NIT Rourkela is doing a really good job because I came here in 2016 and from 2016 to 2020, I can see there is more coordination but just one feedback that they need to focus more on the content part.

Team MM caught up with Ashutosh Srivastava (CTO and Co-founder, Jodova technologies) after the session and he had this to say:

I met quite a few startups today, what I like is that they were very unique ideas and not just from a technology perspective. What I would like to see more is a concise business plan and a lot more research. I love that NIT has a startup cell and also an incubation center. To all the entrepreneurs here, I want to say that this is the right time to start and to explore with fewer responsibilities because you have a platform where college itself is providing you a lot of solutions. Once you go out it’s a cruel world.

The winners of the competition were Clavimate, BioRage, and Slate.

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For the entertainment of the participants, E-Cell collaborated with Hourglass Club and conducted fun games like- Pictionary.

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Along with these events, E-Cell in association with Axiom Club organized an event named the Significa, which was primarily a quiz based activity pertaining to the entrepreneurial sector. The winners of the event were 1st prize- Pratyush Swain, Devidutta Nayak, and Satyajit Sahoo; 2nd prize- Birupakhya Patro and Bibekananda Sahoo.

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Day 3

The last day of NES 2020, was scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM but due to the weather constraints, the participants turned up for the events really late which messed up the entire schedule. As per the schedule, there were supposed to be 4 events, 2 guest talks, and the final valediction ceremony.

IPL Auction

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One of the most popular events of NES witnessed a huge footfall of around 70 participants, the event initially scheduled to start at 9:00 AM started with an hour delay. The event comprised of two rounds, the first round was the quiz round followed by the final auction round. It was a team event in which each team could have 3-4 members. Round 1- the cricket quiz was held at TIIR Auditorium, the quiz was organized by the club members Rishit Das, Akash Jaiswal, and Hardik Kumar Agrawal. The quiz went on for about an hour and based on the results of the quiz only 10 teams were selected to participate in the second round.

Round 2- the auction round kickstarted after the lunch break at around 2:30 PM. The round was organized in the Senate hall, with a total of 10 eligible teams and there were 250 players who were on board for the auctions. The participants were asked to own a team by procuring players from the auction and were asked to customize a name for their own teams. The event can be termed as a successful one based on the huge footfall, the event concluded at about 7:00 PM. The winners of the event were a team from Rourkela Institute of Management Studies and a team from Ispat Autonomous College.

Design Thinking Workshop- III

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This was the fourth session of the design thinking workshop conducted by Ghanshyam Shankar held at RM Hall. The workshop kickstarted at around 10:00 AM with about 40 participants. This workshop session was basically a continuation of the previous workshop series held the previous day. At the end of the workshop, the participants interacted with Mr. Ghanshyam Shankar to discuss the carrier opportunities in the field of design thinking and its implementation in the entrepreneurial sector. This was the concluding session of the series of workshops.

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Guest Talk by Rishi Singh

After round 1 of the IPL Auction and the Design Thinking Workshop- IV concluded, the participants assembled in the TIIR Board Room attending the talk delivered by one of the guests of the day, Mr. Rishi Singh, a designpreneur himself and the CEO of AwesomeSauce Creative. The talk comprised of a small interaction session followed by a short presentation on ‘Entrepreneurship at the college Level’ by the guest and some small interactive games. The talk concluded at about 1:00 PM which was then followed by a lunch interval.

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Team MM got a chance to interact with the guest of honour Mr. Rishi Singh, who expressed delight seeing the young students aiming at substantiating themselves through start-ups rather than following the age-old carrier guidelines stated that-

NES is a great platform for students to discover the genre of entrepreneurship and getting an overview of the wholesome process of nurturing an entrepreneurial idea. I am extremely delighted to see the way students of NITR are keen to get answers to their queries and misconceptions pertaining to the domain of entrepreneurship.

Design Pallete

After the lunch break, the design palette competition commenced, the competition was adjudged by Mr. Rishi Singh, who initially briefed the students about the overall theme of the competition and then declared the problem statement upon which the participants had to work upon. The competition had a relatively low footfall of about 25 participants and was held in the Pre-Incubation room of FTBI.

Sai Swaroop Mohanty, one of the winners of the competition when asked about the competition had the following views-

We are lucky to witness such competition in our institute, as our academic curriculum does not have any room for creative design palleting. I hail from the Dept. of Industrial Design, so for students of our dept. I feel such competitions can be beneficial. Overall, it was a great experience to participate in such a competition and interact with one of the leaders in this field.

The competition wrapped up at around 6:00 PM. The winners of the competition were Sai Swaroop Mohanty and Ramakrishna Behera.

Resolve the Catastrophe

The problem statement for the competition was given to the participants on day 2. The participants came up with their presentations pertaining to the feasible solutions to the problem statement stated. The event had a low footfall with only 4 teams participating in each team comprising of 2-3 members. The winners of the competition were Sourav Agarwal and Chandrasekhar Agarwal.

Guest Talk by Vishal Kumar

After the completion of all events and workshops, the final talk of the day was given by Mr. Vishal Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Learn while travelling (LWT). The guest of honour primarily enlightened the participants about the growing trends of the entrepreneurial world, the golden rules for generating funding for start-ups and the concept of venture capitalism. The audience seemed quite impressed with the information they received and raised queries regarding the various issues pertaining to start-ups and generating funds.

Valediction Ceremony

The ceremony started at about 7:30 PM in the Senate Hall. The winners of the various competitions and events were distributed with their prizes by the esteemed guests Vishal Kumar and Rishi Singh.

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The Convenor of NES and the President of E-Cell, Binay Tulshiyan expressing his views about the three-day-long fest said-

We had a good number of registrations as expected, but the numbers would have been even better had the weather been fair to us. The design thinking workshop by the esteemed Mr. Ghanshyam Shankar was really successful. All theparticipants were highly impressed with the skills they got to learn. I personally took reviews from the particpants and all of them were overwhelmed with the workshop. Now coming to the B-Plan event, all of our investors and judges were highly impressive of the pitch in delievered by students. Mr. Rahmi Ranjan, who was representing Start-up Odisha and Chiranjibi Samal who was representing FTBI spoke highly of the B-Plan event. I am proud of my team who worked really hard to pull off such an event and would like to thank the SAC authorities for their support. We faced certain issues with the organiation of the event but its still initial days. This was the first time we conducted NES and we recieved some valuable inputs from the alumni groups as well. Overall the event was a grand success and we look forward to continue this event next year as well on an even larger scale.

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Team MM congratulates all the organizers and participants of NES for making the event successful against all odds.

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