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Jan 26, 2020|2 minutes

Smruti Sucharita

The Summer Research Internship Program(SRIP) of IIT Gandhinagar has been one of the most sought after research internships in the country. It allows the interns to partake in on-going research projects, get mentored by IITGN faculty, and develop close partnerships and collaborations between respective institutions.

Eligibility: Students pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree at a prominent institution in India.

Paid/Unpaid: It is a paid internship.

2000 INR per week if institute funded. For faculty-funded it may vary.

Time of Application: The portal for application will be live shortly for the academic year 2020. The last date for applying is 6th March 2020.

Application procedure: One needs to fill an online application in the portal, https://sites.iitgn.ac.in/srip/srip-2020.

The students may apply to work on one or more projects offered by the faculties of IIT Gandhinagar, the details of which will be available on the SRIP website.

Duration: The period of internship is preferably 8 weeks.

Accommodation: All the interns are provided in campus accommodation in the institute hostels with a fee of around 5000 INR for 8 weeks.

Contacts: internships@iitgn.ac.in


Team Monday Morning brings you an excerpt on the experiences of the interns associated with their internship at IIT GANDHINAGAR through the SRIP program.


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I got my internship in my sophomore year through the SRIP portal. The Statement of Purpose always plays a crucial role in setting a priority.

My research was entitled An Interactive Tool for Simulation of the MOS Electrostatics under Prof. Nihar Ranjan Mohapatra. The development of VLSI technology is hugely focused on the miniaturization of semiconductor devices, which in turn heavily is dependent on the advancement in the MOSFET. An interactive tool for the simulation of MOSFET characteristics was fabricated in the project. It gives a proper visual representation of how a MOSFET would work under different scenarios as per the inputs provided by the user and finally plotting the resulting graphs. It can prove very useful for understanding the MOSFET physics.

One of the most rewarding things about the experience has been the opportunity to nourish my skill in Python programming, developed a MOS stimulator tool, and, at the end been able to publish it in https://nanohub.org/tools/mos website. IITGN is an excellent institute to work and learn to shape one's vision. The environment was very favorable to research. The internship has been a breakthrough at this time of my life in terms of helping me to decide my future career endeavors. The mess and laundry facilities, water and sanitation, air-conditioned hostel room with cleanliness all-around - every aspect of my stay was abundant in providing me all sorts of conveniences I never imagined. Apart from this, social life has been immensely pleasant as I get to know and be friends with students from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Interactions with them at my leisure is something I shall keep cherishing. Moreover, my sister and my labmates gave me incredible support in turning my stay on the campus a memorable one.


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I was very much interested in Biomimetic Product Design, and one of the projects offered the same, and I applied. The working environment was quite good. I got to work in an integrated engineering environment. I worked in other labs according to my need, and the best part is they have created an environment which allows free and creative thinking.

My project topic was Beauty and function in nature. My objective was to collect inspirations from nature, understand and analyze the form and associated function with it. After a thorough understanding, I had come up with a set of proposals where the same way could be applied in the products we use. Challenges were mostly technical and related to the project. The most challenging part for me was brainstorming for possible product applications of the analyzed inspiration from nature.

I could develop myself not only in terms of knowledge, but this unique experience made me a free spirit. The Institute treats interns like their students. They organize sports and cultural fest specifically for interns. I, along with Swati Jain, presented three dance performances on the occasion of cultural night. They also held yoga and exercise classes where interns are allowed to take part. Interns are also entitled to access gym and library facilities too.

By the end of my internship, I could develop an eye to observe nature and improve my visual perception abilities and sketching them. All thanks to my project guide Prof. Manasi Anand Kanetkar, who invested her valuable time, understood me, and helped me to improve. She taught me a few life values that I will remember forever.


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I sorted the projects purely based on the topics I found interesting. The working environment was very professional yet relaxed. Working hours were flexible. I had to report my work to the supervisor every week at a meeting.

My project was about the simulation and experimentation of oscillating chemical reactions. Kinetic equations govern all chemical reactions. There exists a particular class of reactions that exist which do not process in one direction but oscillate between different states. Their oscillatory nature can be exploited for various purposes. My work was to determine theoretically and experimentally, the physical and chemical factors that affected the frequency and amplitude of these oscillations.

I had to read and study a lot as I didn't have much prior knowledge of the specifics of my topic. I am grateful that I did this internship as it opened up the world of research for me and fixed in my mind that I wanted to pursue higher studies. If you are shortlisted, be honest and candid in your telephonic interviews. The professors are very relaxed, and will undoubtedly select you if you are genuinely interested.

Team Monday Morning wishes all the aspirants and the former interns a stroke of good luck for their planned endeavors.

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