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Sailing Above All 'Buttons': Rohit Dharupta

Aug 28, 2019|3 minutes

Aditya Tripathi

An Electronics and Instrumentation engineer of the class of 2005, Rohit Dharupta has set an example by excelling in his professional life along with pursuing his passion meticulously. Having worked in TATA Communications for nine years, he moved to Canada in 2014 and there has been no looking back since then. Recently, his book titled ‘Third Button’ was released which was inspired by his journey at NIT Rourkela. The book focuses on stories like the atrocity of ragging, a town vandalized, a masterplan of cheating in an examination, the tough luck with placement, the quirky group of friends and the pursuit of love among others.
Beset with the troubles of an Engineering College, a boy who is like a frog in the shallow pond afraid to swim in the deep ocean, takes a plunge, submerges at one time and emerges at the other time, faces his fears and embraces the tears, to at-last learn an important lesson: the lesson of life.

In an email-based interview, Monday Morning caught up with him to know more about his career.

Monday Morning: How did NIT Rourkela (REC) happen to you? Was Electronics & Instrumentation always your passion?

Rohit Dharupta: NIT Rourkela (then REC) was one of the options I had after I qualified in the entrance examination. Being a premier institute, NIT Rourkela was a spontaneous choice. I was also inspired by the son of one of my dad’s colleagues, an alumnus of the college. I was fond of Electronics (then Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) branch and luckily I got the branch that I wanted.

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MM: How has NIT Rourkela been instrumental for your growth, both personally and professionally?

RD: I owe all my growth, personal and professional, to the experiences I had at NIT Rourkela. My journey there taught me the lesson of life and helped me become an independent individual. This happy realization came from writing the book ‘Third Button’ and when I look back at those days; it was a journey from a boy to a man at NIT Rourkela.

MM: Tell us about your professional career after you graduated from NIT Rourkela (REC).

RD: I joined Tata Communications through the campus recruitment at NIT as a GET (Graduate Engineering Trainee). I worked in various Voice and Mobile operations teams ever since. Presently I am managing ITAC (International Technical Assistance Center) team of Mobile operations.

MM: When was the last time you visited the campus? What changes did you see and how did you feel about them?

RD: I did not get a chance to visit the campus since I passed, but I often browse through the latest official videos and photos of sprawling campus and interact with friends and fellow alumni of NIT and am pleased to see the progress made by the institute and all its achievements. I feel very proud to be an alumnus of NIT Rourkela.

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MM: What was your inspiration for writing the book titled, ‘Third button’?

RD: After I graduated from NIT, I felt that this journey was an emotional roller coaster comprising of both enjoyable times and tough times and that this memory must be recorded and preserved forever. The passion for writing was the trigger to start this project. Back in 2014, I showed a few pages of casual writing to my dad, who is my biggest fan and critic. My dad liked the writing and encouraged me to continue.

MM: What was your response to the immense applause that the book received?

RD: I still get nostalgic about my NIT days and am very glad that the book is resonating with people as they can relate to their college life. I am humbled by this response, this is all I can say.

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MM: In your book, you have talked about ragging in the institute back in your time; can you shed some light on some of those incidents?

RD: I remember my first day in hall 1 when I was summoned at the main gate in the middle of the night by some seniors. The memory of yelling, shouting, hurling abuses and banging at the other side of the locked gate is vivid in my mind. Walking back and forth between hostel and college would be in the queue with our heads bent. Imagine a human train of some 200-250 of boys, this was the scenario then. Lights were not allowed in the hostel and we studied under table lamps or candlelight ensuring that no trace of light would be visible to seniors on the street. There are many other incidents mentioned in the book about those turbulent six months of my life.

MM: What will be your advice to someone who faces such kind of ragging or bullying in his college life?

RD: There is no place for ragging or bullying in a civilized society. My advice would be to raise your voice against any such social evils. I am happy that such occurrences are dormant nowadays.

MM: How difficult was it to balance your professional career, personal life and writing this book?

RD: My dad challenged me to finish the book as he believed that I started every new project with a bang but ended with a whimper. Taking time out of the demanding job, writing on and off, it took me around five years to finally finish Third Button. I believe we can always find time for our hobby or passion through effective time management.

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MM: Your association with TATA Communications has been a long one; share with us your experience in the company.

RD: I have been fortunate enough to get opportunities at various stages. My work at Tata Communications took me to various places ranging from Jalandhar, Mumbai, Pune to Montreal. The brand Tata is valued globally and my experience at Tata Communications has been enriching.

MM: How did the move from Pune to Montreal, Canada happen and how has your experience in Canada been?

RD: The move to Montreal was not planned. An opportunity came my way and I was selected. Life in Canada has been really good and the people here are really warm and friendly.

MM: Do you plan to publish other such books in the near future?

RD: Yes. Although I'm yet to finalize the next project, I like to write stories on coming of age topics or an underdog figuring out things, so you can expect something on those lines.

MM: Are there any significant plans that you would like to share with us?

RD: On the professional front, these are exciting times to be working in the Telecom sector as the technology is evolving which brings new avenues and challenges that I look forward to. As an author, I intend to write an upmarket fiction with the right balance of literary and commercial elements.

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MM: Finally, what advice would you like to give to our readers, what does it take to become Rohit Dharupta?

RD: I don’t think my accomplishment is big enough to give a piece of advice. I believe, it is a myth that with the demanding nature of professional and personal life, pursuing a hobby or passion is not feasible. A few minutes spent every day to hone your craft can make a big difference in the long term.

To my friends at NIT, this is the best time of your life. When you look back in a few years, you will cherish all these memories, whether good or bad, as the good ones give fulfillment and the bad ones keep us grounded.

2 copies of the book ‘Third Button’ are now available in Biju Patnaik Central Library, NIT Rourkela vide access no. G686 and G687 (both having classification id 801 DHA/T).

It's also available to buy online at the following links-

Amazon-Kindle edition: Amazon Kindle edition

Amazon-Print edition: Amazon Print edition

Flipkart: Flipkart

Pothi: Pothi

Team MM congratulates him for the success of ‘Third Button’ and wishes him all the best in all his future endeavours.

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