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|Physics and Astronomy


Department of Physics and Astronomy: Magnifying Fortunes

Jun 8, 2019|a minute

Saumya Sinha

56 years back, in 1963, The Department of Physics and Astronomy set foot in NIT Rourkela which was back then still REC Rourkela. The mission of the Department ranges from teaching to the most advanced research. The centuries-old tradition initiated with Copernicus and Galileo continues today, with involvement in research projects at the highest international competitiveness in fundamental physics, applied physics and astronomy.

The department has an actual strength of 18 full-time faculty members with different research areas and brilliant publications. The only course offered by the department initially was a 2-year M.sc. course in physics but currently the department is offering a 5-year integrated M.sc. course with a total intake of 20 students, 10 each from home state and other state categories and a 2-year M.sc. in physics with a total intake of 30 students. Along with these 2 courses, the department also offers PhDs.

Physics and astronomy is necessarily an observational science rather than an experimental one. The discussions and interpretations of the observations employ the use of mathematical analysis, often of the most advanced type. Modern astronomy requires the use of most modern and advanced technologies and hence, to carry out research activities the Department of Physics is equipped with some of the sophisticated instruments like XRD with Small-angle X-ray scattering facility, Laser Light Scattering facility, Rheometer, Closed cycle refrigerator and various other equipment.

The Department of Physics at NIT Rourkela is actively involved in teaching and research in various areas like Soft condensed matter physics, Biophysics, Theoretical condensed matter physics, composite and unique materials, low-temperature physics, magnetic materials, carbon nanotubes, Energy Storage Devices, graphene, High energy physics.

The Institute also offers Minor Degree in Physics and Astronomy.

The 2018-19 opening and closing ranks for this department have been tabulated below:

Opening RankClosing Rank
GENERALHome State3103243028
Other State379519717
OBC (NCL)Home State888711272
Other State44696782
SCHome State35623562
Other State15721572
STHome State42764276
Other State12811281
Other State--
OBC (NCL)-PWDHome State--
Other State--
SC-PWDHome State--
Other State--
ST-PWDHome State--
Other State-

The placements of the branch have shown steady progress since the establishment of the department. A keen inclination has been shown by the students in pursuing careers in the education and research sector after graduation and therefore, research centres have absorbed a major chunk of graduates from this department.

According to the Head of the Department, Prof. Dhrubananda Behera,

The course structure and the curriculum content have been repeatedly revised and modified for the benefit of our students so that they can have better exposure and a better chance of competition as compared to other students. The curriculum content has been set to provide competitive studies to the students.

Team MM wishes luck to all the prospective students in their future endeavours.

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