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|Computer Science

Impacting lives and beyond: Prof. Anup Nandy's Research on Gait Abnormalities

Apr 14, 2019|2 minutes

Animesh Pradhan

Continuing the legacy of glory and pride, Prof. Anup Nandy from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering proves his mettle in his much-appreciated research on “Development of a pathological healthcare system for early detection of neurological gait abnormalities”. The research was a joint collaboration along with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan with the cooperation of Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Prof. Nandy visited TUAT, Japan for the same and had presented a talk on his research at the conference held at the university.


In October 2017, Prof. Nandy came up with this noble idea of implementing the high-level Machine Learning Algorithms in the field of medical science, especially in dealing with gait abnormalities. Gait abnormalities refer to the anomalies and abnormalities found in a person’s walking style. Since human beings have different anatomical structure depending on our age, gender and body-weight, the person is prone to various gait abnormalities. Due to lack of awareness of such diseases and problems, the abnormalities get unnoticed at the initial stages. Moreover, the assessment becomes a little less credible without proper software and automation that uses data analysis.

Prof. Nandy’s research deals with making low-cost software and tools for neurological gait abnormalities detection and periodic assessment. He collaborated with Indian Institue of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata which became his sample space for research and the data collected from the patients were instrumental in the research work. Prof. Anup Nandy, in 2017, had presented the idea to Prof. Gentiane Venture, one of the famous researchers of Japan from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and then they eventually worked upon it. Although Microsoft Kinect is used in Gaming Applications, the technology has been incorporated in the research to detect gait abnormalities. The software with the techniques of deep learning detects the various gait (walking) patterns, assess the collected data on specific parameters and the identified data is used in the detection or observing patient’s improvements in various abnormalities like Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Equinus gait. The software helps in observing the body movements and detects the problems with high accuracy.

In the words of Prof. Nandy:

As computer science enthusiasts and researchers, it’s our responsibility to serve society and contribute to the betterment. This noble approach bridges the gap between Computer Science and Medical Science and is instrumental in the detection and assessment of various diseases. The low-cost software becomes affordable to everyone and can be beneficial to many in general.


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Prof. Nandy visited the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan in the first week of March 2019 as a part of the research project. During his visit, he presented an impactful talk on his ongoing research. He went on to interact with young and vibrant Japanese minds and was amazed by their innovations and research environment. While analysing the research scenarios at two countries, Prof. Nandy credits and appreciates Japanese scholars for implementing their algorithms and researches on hardware, which is not quite common in India.

The large audience at the conference had an impressive interaction with Prof. Nandy and collectively they discussed various innovative ideas and concepts. Prof. Nandy was also impressed with the regular healthy interactions with their supervisors and leaders. He also stresses about various internship opportunities in Japan where the foreign students are eagerly welcome and solutions are brought with innovative collaborations. Students in periodic meetings are encouraged to attend the prestigious conferences that widen the horizons of knowledge and inspires for future projects.

Prof. Nandy says:

NIT Rourkela has been performing quite satisfactorily in the field of research and has a massive pool of innovative talents. We somehow lack in resources, although the research works utilise the present resources optimally, sometimes, non-availability of certain resources becomes a hindrance. Moreover, increased interaction of interested students with the supervisors and professors could be beneficial for the research enthusiasts.

Adding another feather in the cap, Prof. Nandy has been the recipient of the prestigious "NVIDIA GPU GRANT AWARD" with a GeForce Titan XP GPU card for his research on human gait abnormality detection using Deep Learning methods. The award has been presented in the month of December 2018.

The noble idea of implementing the concepts of Computer Science for the greater good of society deserves all appreciation. Prof. Nandy has also written two research papers on the same agenda which are under review. The innovation is reaching the lives of people and has been responsible for producing a constructive and healthy change.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Prof. Anup Nandy for his much-appreciated and noble research work and wish all luck for his future endeavours.

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