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Preface To The Career Pentalogy Series

Apr 14, 2019|2 minutes

Team MM

Ayan Dutta

N Manyata

Shivasish Sahu

Smruti Sudha

Sonali Priyadarshini

Maneesh Rout

Career is probably one of the most important pathways a person takes in his or her lifetime. The professional aspect of life, as well as earning the means of living depends on the flow of the career chart. While there are so many opportunities to span, choosing the perfect sail for the ship might be tricky. The dilemma is faced by everyone alike; worries of coping up, the stress of succeeding or insecurity of fitting in. To help the mass exodus in drawing the stick for their career, Team Monday Morning brings about a comprehensive read of diversified career opportunities in a five-part cumulation.

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The Guiding Lights of Brighter Future: Internships

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Internships are an integral part of the building of a good resume. They are the lodestars in the academic career which guide us as to what we desire to pursue further in our career. There is no definite outline or division regarding the choice of internships taken up by the Engineering or Pure Science students; the option is generally flexible. According to the recent survey conducted by Monday Morning, the internship interests of NITR populace came into a more precise picture.

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The Bottom Line of College: Placement Diaries

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The college years end with the last note of what one becomes after graduation. While most of the students sit for the placements, a lot of factors go into the selection procedure and passing the final souvenir from the Institute. Monday Morning caught up with Prof. S K Patel, the Head of Training and Placements Cell to elucidate on the topic of career opportunities for the students and how the institute facilitates them to achieve their goals.

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The Chronicles of Higher Education

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The day of orientation at NITR instils a sense of confidence and determination among the freshmen, who can be found bubbling with enthusiasm. There would a buzz around BBA comprising both of parents as well as students deciding upon which company they would prefer to get into and obviously what “package” they would like to opt for! Well as the journey kicks off, the freshman starts getting a hint of what their desires are. Often camouflaged under the ranting of “medical and engineering”, the desires and dreams of many of the students find a niche here at under the canopy of NITR. Yet many of them find it quite difficult to shed their inhibitions and venture into the world that awaits them. Through this article, we desire to portray another world beyond the horizons of a “conventional engineering college aim”-Higher Education.

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From Students To Entrepreneurs: The FTBI

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National Institute of Technology Rourkela (NITR) is a premier institution of higher learning in the field of technology and sciences and is Institute of National Importance. It strives to create an environment where hundreds of professors and thousands of students carry out research on subjects for wealth and well-being of society. Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation (FTBI), a section 8 Not for Profit Company housed under Centre for Technology Innovation and Industry Relations (TIIR) at NIT Rourkela is an effort in the same direction.

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Free Will, Free Reign: Freelancing

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When passion becomes purpose, it pours into every facet of one’s life. Sometimes, into one’s career path. When one’s passion strays away from the conventional career options, the career path ventures onto a path not taken by all. The club culture at NIT Rourkela has been one of the most prominent characteristics of the college in memories and hearts of students and alumni alike. For passion enthusiasts, clubs become the testing facility for all of their hobbies. Be it photography, cinematography, music production, dance, tech-enthusiast, writing, debating, or cooking: NIT-R has a niche for everyone. When the call of passion becomes absolute, some of these headstrong individuals take up a road not taken often. Hence, opening up career avenues of freelancing.

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With such diversified factions of career opportunities, there might be a concern whether engineering is deviating from engineering. A young graduate is free to follow his passion, and choose a path which suits him/her for the better part of life. And Team Monday Morning wishes all the best to the mass exodus of NIT Rourkela for a flourishing career and peace of mind.

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No article or any statements by Monday Morning is to be reproduced, presented or distributed in part or whole without prior permission of the Executive Body of Monday Morning for any purposes, including, but not limited to print and electronic form.

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