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|Chief Warden's Column

Clearing Conundrums

Mar 10, 2019|a minute

Girish Vaisyaraj

Harsh Mohan

With the academic year moving towards its end Monday Morning caught up with the Chief Warden P rof. S. K. Pratihar to discuss some of the pertaining issues and try to reach effective solutions for the same.

Monday Morning: Why are Dominos and Zomato not allowed to deliver food inside the campus to the students while they are allowed for the faculty members?

Prof. S. K. Pratihar: If some unforeseen incident like food poisoning happens inside the campus because of consumption of outside food, it will be the institute who will be held responsible for the health of the students. Therefore, as a precautionary measure we have not allowed it. Moreover, the institute will not be held responsible if some untoward incident happens with faculty members hence food delivery is unrestricted for faculty members and not for students. Nevertheless, you people take delivery outside the gates so it’s not an issue.

MM: What is the status of National Tendering for the mess?

SKP: We are in the process of floating the national tender on the website and the tendering process would be done by July next year.

MM: Why are the cycle stand gates of MSS and DBA closed? Why are the terrace gates of all the blocks of SD being closed? Similar instances have happened in MSS / DBA too.

SKP: Some incidents were reported after which the respective halls decided to close these gates. Moreover, there are reports of these locks being broken by students. We have identified these people but haven’t acted.

MM: What is the scenario of cycle parking in front of VS and Chief Warden office?

SKP: Due to some incidents the residents of VS hall were told not to park their cycles in front of VS Hall. Gradually what happened is that the students started parking their cycles in front of the chief warden’s office which is not supposed to be done. For the time being, we are not taking any action. Moreover, we have planned for a shed for cycles in front of the VS hall but it depends on the funds we get.

MM: Why is there a significant increase in the number of stray dogs? Even if they cannot be caught out of the institute yet they can be sterilized. Why is this not being done? There have been a number of sightings of puppies roaming in the campus.

SKP: The availability of food is the main reason for the number of dogs. Dogs cannot be killed or removed. They can only be vaccinated. We can ask the Rourkela Municipality to do so but they have just one vehicle and that too has a capacity of 6-7. So, it is becoming a problem. Given the case of sterilisation and vaccination, that too is being done but the number is too large.

MM: What is the role of the Chief Warden’s Nominee of each hall of residence?

SKP: The Hall Executive committee is the official elected body of each hall. The Chief Warden’s nominee is like an advisor. They are supposed to deliver information from different halls apart from the wardens and staff of different halls. They are like spies to the Chief Warden and are known only by me.

MM: What is the status of power backup system for the halls of residence?

The chief warden redirected this question to the Dean Planning and Development, which was taken up subsequently:.

Answer from Dean Planning and Development Prof. Japas Bera:

Three 750 KVA Digi set power back up system will be installed next year. Two of them will be used for hostels and the other will be for the academic area as a result of which there will be no power cuts. An amount of three crores was sanctioned in December 2018.

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