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Another Feather In The Cap: Research Paper In Acta Materialia

Jan 26, 2019|2 minutes

Soumya Ranjan

The “Volume 164, 1 February 2019, Pages 347-361”, will make a mark in the history of Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, NIT Rourkela, as the paper on “Dynamic characterization of shock response in crystalline-metallic glass nanolaminates” by Prof. Snehanshu Pal along with K. Vijay Reddy, PhD scholar and Chuang Deng, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, will be published in Acta Materialia, the leading journal on the world of metallurgy and materials sciences. As a moment of pride, NIT Rourkela will be the first among all NITs to get a research paper published in Acta Materialia.

Acta Materialia provides a forum for publishing full-length, original papers and commissioned overviews that advance the in-depth understanding of the relationship between the processing, the structure and the properties of inorganic materials.

In a brief talk with Team Monday Morning, Prof. Snehanshu Pal shared yet another success story, and perhaps one of the biggest and most influential achievements for the prestigious Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Department in the recent past.

Team MM: What was the project about? Who were the members of this successful article?

Prof. Pal: The effect of shock waves on nanolaminates, where one part is a crystalline structure, and other is the amorphous structure. When shock waves pass through these nanolaminates, we studied the change in characteristics like lattice energy, the interatomic distance, atomic strain, and underlying mechanisms of this structural evolution. The dynamic theory to the shock wave mechanism is proved and provided in the paper, which was a very difficult job in order to predict and, know the durability of implications of shock waves on nanolaminates. K. Vijay Reddy and Chuang Deng did a splendid job on overcoming the hurdles. K.Vijay Reddy currently pursues Ph.D. under me since last year and has been a vital member to the entire team as he had already published 9 SCI papers.

Team MM: What was the inspiration behind the research? What are the applications of this project?

Prof. Pal: The most important push towards this research was the impact of shock waves in marine and, aerospace industries. These industries can be benefitted by this study of shock waves impact as they always deal with tidal energy and, another shock to produce sources. Many applications can also be found in navigation and similar projects.

Team MM: Who do you dedicate this success of yours too?

Prof. Pal: First of all, this is the achievement of the entire team. Not only the students involved in this particular project but also other students dedicated to different projects are the reason for this success. The honest dedication and strong determination of the students have always been the driving force of success.

Team MM: What are the research projects that you currently are mentoring?

Prof.Pal: I used to work on modeling and simulation of materials. Based on the scale, I have 3 facets of modeling and simulation research area, atomic simulation consisting of molecular dynamic simulation and some density functional simulation property, microstructural simulation in quantum scale and, process modeling of stainless steelmaking processes. Mainly, I used to work on molecular dynamic simulation of deformation behavior and, process modeling for integrated steel industries. Till date, I have published 44 SCI journals, and some papers are now under journal reviews.

Team MM: Do you feel a more research-based curriculum be helpful to students? How can this be pulled in the ongoing scenario?

Prof.Pal: The current curriculum is very good enough, we need to help the students in order to discover their interests. If somebody is looking for higher studies or research-oriented endeavors, it is our sole responsibility to nurture and mentor these young minds and, help them by showing the path to a better future. So, proactive sessions between students and professors will be very helpful in discovering the true passion of a student.

Team MM: Can you give some suggestions to the young research enthusiasts of NIT.

Prof.Pal: First step towards a research project is a thorough knowledge about the subject matter of the topic. I would suggest the students keep themselves motivated and refresh themselves with the theoretical part of the concerned topic. Dedication and, interests go hand in hand, and will surely play a key role in achieving the desired results. Lastly, students should always maintain constructive communication with the professor working on a similar project, in case of any help, as experience can be an important need.

Team Monday Morning congratulates Prof. Snehanshu Pal and K. Vijay Reddy and the team for this successful publication in Acta Materialia and, hopes many more successful stories echo around the campus from all the branches in the future.

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