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The stone that never gathers moss: NITR's Campus Life

May 27, 2018|3 minutes

Umme Salma

Samarth Mohanty

For any individual, coming to college is, in many ways, challenging as they have to cope up with a lot of changes around them. What better way to cope up with the changes than to embrace them? NIT Rourkela provides just the perfect ambiance to make sure that this transition is not just smooth, but also enjoyable. This article aims to shed some light on what NIT-R has in store for the incoming batch.

A Milestone in the Erudite’s Quest

NIT Rourkela is a premier Institute for Engineering and provides the perfect platform to learn and research. It has endured all hurdles since its establishment in 1961 and hence shined out its kin institutions and continues to aim for the pinnacle. The institute is the second best NIT in the country, holds a respectable position of 16th in the NIRF rankings 2019. This academic vigour has managed to get the Institute a firm place in Times (Asia) rankings where it ranks 126, while it is placed in the 601-800 rank category in the Times world Rankings, thereby making it a much sought-after destination.

The institute has twenty departments which offer B.Tech, B.Tech-M.Tech dual, M.Tech, M.Sc, Integrated M.Sc, MBA and Ph.D.

Home away from home: The Hostel Life

Living away from home is harder than it sounds and to make sure that students do enjoy the home-y feel on campus, NITR has an extensive hostel system, consisting of ten halls of residences, with a few others under construction. Each hall has a mess of its own, supported by an extensive and frequently changing, healthy and nutritious, menu. Apart from that, students are provided with canteens in their hostels, which take care of untimely hunger pangs and needs for comfort food. The hall management systems leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all boarders are safe and content. Various intra and inter-hall events are held throughout the year to provide the students with even more recreation.

The Club-Culture

NIT Rourkela houses more than 50 clubs to cater to the extracurricular demands of its students. From strengthening minds to promoting better time management skills, extra-curricular activities play an extremely important role in shaping a student’s personality. Here at NIT Rourkela, we have clubs that fulfill almost all interests of students, including some dedicated to singing, dancing, dramatics, debating, drawing designing, photography and some technical clubs. Clubs bring together students with similar interests, thereby providing a perfect platform for skill development of an individual.

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The institute has seen some stellar careers being built from the knowledge that people gain in clubs. The fact that club-culture is fundamentally ingrained in our Institute functioning is what makes it stand out. An individual may have multiple hobbies apart from engineering, a strong club-culture makes sure that all those hobbies and interests are catered to here.


For the much-needed breaks between classes, NITR has several strategically located canteen and chai-and-coffee stops. The most famous and heavily frequented among these is the Nescafe and the tea stall, infront of the library, smack-dab in the middle of the academic area. The huge banyan tree sheltering this hang out zone is witness to the rich legacy and life at NITR. Other relaxing places around campus include the Rengcol and SLR canteens, the EC-EE department canteen and the Nescafe situated at LA. Come evening and the end of classes, students love to hang out in and around these places. The LA lawns, SAC gallery and the BBA patio are the best places to celebrate a friend’s birthday or simply hang out and laze around. The campus restaurants are also the go-to places when one needs to catch up with friends over food.

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Wing-dings from the institute: the Annual Fests

The months leading to November, January and February witness a charged buzz in the air, affecting everyone. People whizz about making preparations for the upcoming fests or simply daydreaming on how they’ll celebrate and enjoy during the three days of the fiestas. You can see people discussing the preparations and their plans, while you will find others engrossed in discussions about what they’ll wear to the Pronites. Whether it be those planning to participate vigorously or those who simply enjoy the social and cultural diversities that the fests bring; NITR’s fests cater to every whim of the populace.

First comes INNOVISION, the largest techno-management fest in Odisha and one of the most popular technical fests in the country. Techno-management enthusiasts from all over the country flood NITR and NITR always has awesome things to show everyone and never disappoints. Be it dancing robots, bot fights, bot racing, drone shows, treasure hunts, auctions or quizzes, INNOVISION has you hopping from one place to another, striving to catch it all. The nights are filled with performances from artists in various fields; many classical musicians, comedians, musical bands and dancers grace us with their presence.

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Next comes Vriddhi which made its debut in the year 2018. This annual sports fest of NIT-R witnessed high spirits and energy levels in its inaugural version itself, and proved itself a success, setting a high standard for the future editions of the fest. Teams competing in sports like volleyball, basketball, football, cricket and numerous other games, competed against each other for the winners’ trophy. It was a sight for the wide-eyed as players and spectators enjoyed alike, celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship and cheering on.

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The third fest that NIT-R hosts is the much-hyped and awaited NITRutsav. This themed carnival takes place at the onset of spring when the campus itself rises up in celebration of life and festivity. Again people from all over the country throng in to see what NITRutsav, or NU, as it is popularly called, holds for them. NU hosts many flagship events of which Fashionista, Footloose, and Nukkad are but a few examples. Fun events and competitions are also the major attractions of NU. IN recent times, NU has been combined with yet another popular event, the Celebrity Night, in which NITR invites a star or popular band, to serenade the crowd. Owing to the flagship events and the Pronites, NITR sees many stars gracing its campus during those three days, mingling and interacting with the masses.

These fests are often accompanied by two smaller confluences, going by the names of ROOTS and TechX, which are fairly new and in their growing stages. Apart from this, individual departments at NITR also hold several fests of their own which brings in a considerable crowd from other institutions.

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The Campus life of students here is anything but monotonous. The happenings in and around the Institute make sure that its people are engaged in one thing or the other, throughout the year. NIT-R provides a very welcoming atmosphere for the incoming students. The ambiance around this place makes sure that one’s time here is memorable and fun-filled.

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