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Monday Morning Article Cover for: NITR IMUNC: Where The Best Minds Manifested Diplomacy


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NITR IMUNC: Where The Best Minds Manifested Diplomacy

Apr 1, 2018|3 minutes

Yash Shah

Barnali Priyadarshini

Rohit Dash

With the amendments in the fest culture of NIT Rourkela, the students were asked to remain content with the reduction in the number of fests.But this academic session of 2017-18 has seen some of the biggest events that have been hosted in the rich history of 57 years of NIT Rourkela. Apart from the annual Techno-Management fest(Innovision) and Spring fest(NITRUTSAV), the students managed to rope in some of the biggest professional and intuitive minds in the sphere of art, distinguished science for creative confluence such as Roots & TechX.

And to top it up, the team members of the Cognizen club served NIT Rourkela with its first ever International Model United Nations Conference (NITR IM UNC ).

Calling Reinforcements

This idea of making IMUNC as the flagship event of Cognizen was suggested by the current sophomore batch of the club to the respective post-holders.The idea was novel and invited lots of discussions, on whether pulling off an event of such a scale was viable or not.At first, they had to look at the financial backing available to them.

The balance sheet of the club read as much as INR 25000, for the event, which was not good enough to make 2 glasses clink. And hence began the hunt for sponsors and partners.

In this turmoil of 6 months, the only asset the club had in their favour was time. For a club event, IMUNC is arguably the grandest and heavily sponsored in the history of NITR. With Prestige Hotels and Jay Vijay Restaurant serving as their hospitality and refreshment partner respectively, while BSNL, MMTC, LIC, OLA, AquaSure, Rourkela Tips and many more showing their support for the first iteration of the event.

Quoting the Secretary-General, Mehul Anand,

We were lucky enough to get support from the Sundergarh District collector, he was kind enough to offer us help when he was informed about this initiative we had taken up, through alumni, we had contacted previously.

The D-Day

Attracting participants for the first edition of NITR IMUNC was a tough sell, owing to a cold presence of NITR amongst the MUN circles of the state.But a unique and systematic approach towards targeting the right people and leveraging the contacts build by the club seniors, the team could achieve a footfall of over 150+ participants, which is quite an extraordinary number.

The participants started pouring in from the night of 29th March (Thursday).The Executive Board members were provided with accommodation in a hotel and in the institute guest house, depending upon their choice.While the common room of SD Hall of Residence served as the abode for the rest of the participants for the tenure of the event.

DAY 1: 30th March 2018

The registration was supposed to begin at 8 AM as per the schedule and the arrangements were in place, but a delay of approximately 45 minutes was incurred owing to the delay of the turn up by participants ,however this part of the day was completed well in time to make way for the actual event to begin.

Inauguration Ceremony:

The first edition of NITR IMUNC was kickstarted with the lighting of the lamp. The inaugural ceremony commemorated the presence of SAC President, Prof S. Chakraverty, Vice President, Literary Society, Prof D.Choudhuri, Shri Anil Bokil and Ms. Monisha Banerjee, ADM, Rourkela.

The inaugural ceremony gave way to the communal lunch. As one of the participants summed up,

The food was worth the delay, which was quite a small thing though.

Post lunch began the first session of NITR IMUNC 2018.It was these sessions that brought in 150+ candidates from around the country.Thus, what ensued was an intense 2 hour 30-minute long session of debates, ideas, and arguments. This was followed by the high tea, where the delegates indulged in conversations over tea and refreshments.As per the attendees, the management of the entire event was quite planned and never felt like they were pulling the first timer.

What followed was the flagship session of the day, Mr. Anil Bokil -the man behind demonetization addressed the NITR junta.The audience started pouring in BBA and by 5 PM it had registered a footfall of over 450 students, along with some of the professors.

This indeed was a sign that the audience expected an answer, to the question that the entire nation asks till date. But this expectation was met with a lot more than just a unidimensional or politically motivated stance, rather it included one of the most thought-provoking, multidimensional and objective approaches to the planning, motivation, implementation, and outcome of this scheme of demonetization.This session went on for longer than expected and even after the session ended, the students who couldn’t have enough of what their senses just registered, went on for another hour-long one on one talk with the man himself, outside BBA.


Before calling off the day, the participants were served with the best of NITR in the cultural evening.Beginning with the official EDM club of NITR, “Drill N Bass” cashed in on their energy mixes and vibrant raps, fused with the audiences over the top energy. Then, came Synergy to swoon over the crowd with their visual treat in the form of their foot tapping moves in their Bollywood freestyle set.

RITVIC came up next with their hard-hitting play on the Syrian crisis and the fallen religion of humanity, that made the audience uncomfortable while the play asked questions and refrained from answering any.

DAY 2: 31st March 2018

The participants had an early morning after the delightful and energetic first day of the event.The day began at 8:30 AM, the time for breakfast, which was followed by the continuation of another session.This session took it from where the previous one left, and the arguments/debates carried in on themselves for 3 long hours until the participants broke off for lunch.On the second day, the overall alignment of events along with the scheduled time was quite perfect.

The second half of the second day witnessed simultaneous sessions of SOCHUM at LA 004, DISEC at LA 014 and AIPPM at Mechanical seminar hall from 1.30 PM after lunch to 4 PM in the evening. The crowd of all the three committees gathered at the LA lawns after the evening snacks provided by the organizing team for 'Chai pe Charcha'. It was an informal event where participants discussed and debated about anything and everything while sipping hot tea and having snacks.

It was then followed by an Open Mic hosted by the organizing committee at the Student Activity Centre. It started at around 7.30 PM. Herein, the students enjoyed a gala time, they sang songs, they played different musical instruments, they recited poems and many more. With the end of the fun-filled evening, the Day-2 of NITR IMUNC came to a close.

Day 3- 1st April 2018

The first session of the 3-day long event started at 9 AM in the morning at LA 004. It was held by the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM). The session ended before lunch at around 1.30 PM and was attended by almost 60 delegates. The second session geared up at about 2.15 PM after lunch and went on up to 4 PM in the evening at the same scheduled place.


The organizing and the participating teams of the NITR IMUNC gathered again at 5 PM in the evening to celebrate the success of the event at its closing ceremony. This ceremony was held at the PPA and was hosted by Pausali Pradhan and Raj Manik. The closing ceremony was graced by eminent dignitaries of the institute as well as the guests of the evening. Dean Student Welfare, Prof. Simanchala Panigrahi was invited to share a few words on this occasion. Social Activist and BJD leader, Mrs. Minati Debata was also a part of the event, wherein she expressed her ecstasy of having attended it.

The prominent attraction of the evening was the guest lecture by Dr. Sruti Mohapatra, who holds a Ph.D. degree in Developmental Biology, she is a recipient of the best student award of Utkal University in 1978, National Debating champion in 1980, 1981 and 1982. An excellent basketball player, she also qualified for the Civil Services Examination in 1987. She served as the Director of Odisha IAS Study circle and has been the chief executive officer of SWABHIMAN, state disability information, and resources center. She addressed the gathering with a spark of motivation and a ray of inspiration.Her session was even touted as among the best talks ever to have graced NITR, some even went further to name it as the most engaging talk session ever.

The event of NITR IMUNC would not have reached such heights without the cooperation of extremely experienced and proficient moderation by the executive board members: Mr. Siddhant Sarangi, Chair, Mr. Nilesh Verma, Co-chair and Mr Omkar Anshuman, Vice Chairperson of Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), Mr. Sanat Puri, Moderator and Mr Smarajeet Dash, Scribe of All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM) and Ms Ananya Bharadwaj, Ms Ayushi Dash and Mr Tahmid Fahim (from Bangladesh) for the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM). Nishant Sahoo was the Photographer-In-Chief. The event was concluded by a prize distribution ceremony followed by a vote of thanks by Secretary-General, Mr. Mehul Anand.

Mehul Anand told team MM that:

The event would not have seen such a success without the support of my batchmates, Mohit Gupta, Avisek Rath, Monik Raj, Chandan Kumar Barik, Anup Mittal and Arnav Kumar Tripathy who contributed significantly during the last few days of event preparation.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the organizing team of NITR IMUNC for putting together a commendable event and hopes that such events are held on a larger canvas in the future.

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