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  • What is cgpa to percentage conversion formula? Our institute doesn't have any any fixed declaration on that, but companies ask for percentage.

    • TEAM MM: NIT Rourkela doesn't provide any specific criteria or conversion formula to convert CGPA to percentage, as one is an interval estimation and the other a point estimation. But when required the following formula can be used for reference:
      Percentage = (CGPA - 0.5) × 10
      For instance, a CGPA of 8.5 will be considered to be 80%.
      Sometimes for the purpose of conversion to percentage, TnP (Training and Placement) only considers multiplying the CGPA by 10.

  • I have a family function. Can i apply leave for that?


      No, a student cannot apply for a leave in case of a family function. A student shall be issued leave only in cases of family calamity or personal health issues. Other than that, special cases in which leave will be sanctioned are like representing NITR in any inter-college competitions where proofs are to be submitted to SAC and even final year students get leave with regard to TnP purpose. 

  • Since long the the student travel concession is being pending, the vacation travel concession by train is offering 50%concession, when will the vacation concession for students be started ?


      The student travel concession by train was implemented before REC got converted to NITR. But after 2002, the provision was withdrawn. Till now, no such proposal has been submitted to revive this provision. But if the students vote in favour of bringing this provision back in action, we can reimplement it.

  • Why isn't the contact details of warden of SSB available in the app of MM?


      The details have been updated in the latest version of the app.

  • Why do certificates like the Studentship certificate or the Conduct certificate not contain the expected course duration?


      When applying for a visa, the concerned authorities are primarily interested in seeing your educational certificates that include your degree certificate and official transcripts. I do not understand the necessity of such additional requirements. They do not ask for your conduct certificates; they only want to know if it is good or bad. Your degree certificate contains sufficient information. This is the method adopted all across the country and we too abide by it.

  • Why arenot there any surprise inspections and regular feedbacks from the 1st year hostel boarders regarding whether the elected secretaries are doing what they are ought to do or not?

    • Response by Saurabh Dutta( warden MV hall)

      We have not received any official orders from the Chief Warden's office to conduct such surprise inspections so we refrain from doing so. I am quite satisfied with the work of MV hall's elected representatives. We have not witnessed any such unfavourable situations of that degree that would make such consider this decision. They help to bridge the gap between the Warden and the boarders. We have always given an ear to the plight of our boarders so we have not considered such decisions.

      Response by H.K. Sahoo ( warden GDB hall)

      Since the members are elected for a tenure of one year, the only way to deal with irresponsible behaviour is to talk it out with them. A surprise inspection isn’t quite necessary as their work is quite transparent.

  • why the doctors in the health center donot give medical leave for extreme cases of menstrual cramps when the patient cannot even stand due to the pain? On the other hand, leave is granted for cases of minor illness like cough and cold.


      I don’t think menstrual pain is that serious that I should give a leave. If a girl can come walking and ask me for a leave, she can walk to the class as well. Moreover, the pain is never that severe, you can get rid of the pain within thirty minutes by taking proper medications. Anyway, if the pain continues and she comes to me again, I can give her a leave.

  • Why is not the AC in the library and the reading room switched ON for most of the times? also why are there only three functional fans on the first floor of library?


      The library authorities are not responsible for AC operations. We received complaints from students and we soon informed the Person-in-charge AC (PicAC) and the management before the Durga Puja vacations. They are resolving out the issue. Also, the issue with the fans on the first floor is also being sorted out.

  • Why are the doors to the terraces of CVR Hall locked? it used to be very relaxing to stroll around and observe the sky and the view from the terrace. Please unlock the doors.


      The doors were locked nearly a month ago when we found a girl sitting on the terrace and it seemed like she tried to jump. we were very scared and convinced her to come back but we couldn’t afford taking similar risks. So, it was decided that the doors to the terrace should remain locked. if someone feels like going to the terrace for a stroll they can take the keys to the terrace from the caretaker or the security guard and return it to them when they come back.


  • When will the Institute return the caution money of the students graduated in the year 2017?


      The caution money has already been dispatched to all the students. The student’s whose account numbers were available were sent money through their respective bank accounts and others were sent single cheques. We have also received confirmation responses from the students regarding the same.

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