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  • why the doctors in the health center donot give medical leave for extreme cases of menstrual cramps when the patient cannot even stand due to the pain? On the other hand, leave is granted for cases of minor illness like cough and cold.


      I don’t think menstrual pain is that serious that I should give a leave. If a girl can come walking and ask me for a leave, she can walk to the class as well. Moreover, the pain is never that severe, you can get rid of the pain within thirty minutes by taking proper medications. Anyway, if the pain continues and she comes to me again, I can give her a leave.

  • Why is not the AC in the library and the reading room switched ON for most of the times? also why are there only three functional fans on the first floor of library?


      The library authorities are not responsible for AC operations. We received complaints from students and we soon informed the Person-in-charge AC (PicAC) and the management before the Durga Puja vacations. They are resolving out the issue. Also, the issue with the fans on the first floor is also being sorted out.

  • Why are the doors to the terraces of CVR Hall locked? it used to be very relaxing to stroll around and observe the sky and the view from the terrace. Please unlock the doors.


      The doors were locked nearly a month ago when we found a girl sitting on the terrace and it seemed like she tried to jump. we were very scared and convinced her to come back but we couldn’t afford taking similar risks. So, it was decided that the doors to the terrace should remain locked. if someone feels like going to the terrace for a stroll they can take the keys to the terrace from the caretaker or the security guard and return it to them when they come back.


  • When will the Institute return the caution money of the students graduated in the year 2017?


      The caution money has already been dispatched to all the students. The student’s whose account numbers were available were sent money through their respective bank accounts and others were sent single cheques. We have also received confirmation responses from the students regarding the same.

  • On which days , the health centre remains open?

    • The Institute Health Center remains open on all weekdays, and in the forenoon only on Saturdays. It remains closed on Sundays and national or gazetted holidays. However, in case of an emergency, please approach either of the CWS Hospital or the Ispat General Hospital, and intimate the Warden/Caretaker/Security. The detailed timings and phone numbers can be found here.

  • How are the mentors of S.C.P selected? Are the accountable to anyone for their own actions as per the disciplinary regulations?

    • PIC(Student Counselling Program): PROF. K.C. PATI

      Every year, The counselling cell sends invitations for applications to the post of mentors. Few students are shortlisted by the designated student coordinators in the first round and they are further interviewed by the professors and screened out in the second and final round.

      Yes, they are definitely accountable to their assigned student coordinators and the higher authorities as well. The mentors are meant to be above all these mischievous activities. If any mentor is found to have misused his/her position of authority then he/she will have to face strong consequences by the Student Counselling Cell.

  • How can one apply for start-up incubation at TIIR?


      The process of application is made very simple to facilitate the work of the students. Any group/organization/individual can visit the department of TIIR and fill in details of their idea, method of implementation, and the commercial or technical benefits that it would provide to the society. The application will be then under the process of review for a short period of time where the officials will observe the way the incubation is implemented. We will then follow all the guidelines issued by the government and approve it if it meets all of them.

  • Can the rear gate of MSS be kept open and if not, please state the reason for that?

    • Response from Warden(M.S.S): PROF. MANISH OKADE

      The rear gates have been closed in order to prevent issues of the security breach by outsiders which may cause harm to the boarders. This isn’t restricted only to M.S.S  and is followed by all the halls of residences . The front gate has an allocated security guard and CCTV surveillance which keeps a thorough check on the safety of the boarders . The rear gates can be opened to use in future if the required security personnel and safety measures are met. 

  • Why is hovering over "Live" section to know the latest Placement Updates not working anymore?

    • Team MM

      The Live section is fully working, but accessible on the Institute Internet only, as per regulations set by the Training and Placement Cell. The section has been updated with the data from the last season (Spring 2018).

  • Is a question asked by someone in the Monday Morning app, truly anonymous? The app requires a log in and posting the question from the account raises doubts. Somebody must be seeing who posted the question.

    • Team MM

      The Questions posted in the Ask a Question section on both the website and app are completely Anonymous. The App asks for a Login as part of the initial setup procedure, you may wish not to log in and still access the Ask a Question facility. Alternatively, you may log out and then post your question. As of now, your question will be posted as soon as we have a response.

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