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  • A final year student completed B Tech from Chennai and is looking forward to M.Tech at NITR (Food Processing). As per FAQ of our institute, seats vacant after allotment to GATE qualifiers are given to non-GATE people, how to know about admission process?


      The spot round for admission got conducted recently for both GATE and non-GATE qualifiers. We usually don't want non-GATE candidates because they have to bear all the expenses out of their own pocket, that is, there is no provision for any sort of grants. Nevertheless, the spot round is open for all candidates and it the admission period is over. The necessary details regarding M.Tech admissions were available on the website.

  • When will the placement live section of MM be updated?

    • TEAM MM

      As mentioned previously, Team MM is trying to bring substantial changes to the website. In addition, the Live section is updated in accordance with the convenience of the Training and Placement Centre to ensure smooth placements for the students. The placement database for the students of NITR only will be updated once the above issues are considered and resolved.

  • Now that the warden of MSS has changed to Manish Okade, can Team MM make a request to him to keep the rear gate open and state the inconvenience caused at the present.

    • TEAM MM

      Team MM will definitely look into the matter and gauge the inconvenience caused to the boarders. Once we are fully aware of the crux of the matter, the matter will be taken up with Prof. Manish Okade.

  • The freshers were informed that they would be introduced to their respective mentees on the orientation day. Why didn’t that happen?


      It wasn't possible on the orientation day as the orientation program is for the whole institute, and not specific to only the 1st years. We are planning on introducing the mentors to their mentees on a separate day, most likely in the upcoming week.

  • What is BB Cinema? How many shows are played per week? How to obtain tickets for it?

    • TEAM MM

      Kindly refer to the article ‘Icing The Weekends: The Bhubaneswar Behera Theatre’ in this issue of Monday Morning for all the details about the venture.

  • Is there any option provided to the freshers to change his/her allotted mentor, if he/she feels uncomfortable with the current one?


      We have planned something to solve this. During the allotments, the mentor and the mentees are provided with each others’ contact number. Within a week following that, we will have a session with all the mentors and first-year students. We will have an open discussion on the difficulties faced by the freshers in this regard. Perhaps, we,along with a few faculty members, would visit the hostel too after they get settled in their respective hostels.

  • Is Monday morning ignoring the questions of its readers on purpose? The answers of Ask-A--Question should be updated regularly. It's been a while since the late one.

    • TEAM MM

      Monday Morning understands that the readers eagerly wait for their queries to be answered. In the past, we have been answering the queries through an article. Beginning next week, a newer, more responsive system of Ask a Question will be put in place. Owing to this technical issue, we had been unable to clear many of the queries readers had posted. We assure our readers that we will be back with an improved version and regret the inconvenience caused to them until now.

  • The 1st year students were told that NSS and PE are 0 credit courses. Why, then, is the debar taken so seriously in opting for minor degree and branch change?


      Although the credit is zero, it is still an academic grade and has to be reflected in the grade sheet. A student has to get a ‘satisfactory’ grade in order to opt for Minor Degree/ branch change. Moreover, the philosophy of this extracurricular activity is to keep a student fit. And if someone is bunking and fails to get a 'satisfactory’ grade, then he/she is restricted to apply for further process. Also, considering the thoughts of various students and faculties of rewarding it with a credit, can help enhance one's GPA. As it is an academic course, making it optional will ruin the basic philosophy.

  • Towards the end of last year, all theory class duration was changed from 60 mins to 55 mins. Why is this not being followed? What can be done to make sure that this is implemented?


      The 55-minute class duration is still being followed. But sometimes it does happen that the teacher extends the class to make the best of it. They have to be cautious and more sensible regarding this matter, as it cannot be forcibly imposed on somebody. Also, the practical sessions should get over a bit earlier, so the students can easily reach LA to continue with their Open elective. If required, a mail can be circulated concerning this matter.

  • Can the students having a CGPA above 7.5 take up a minor degree in any branch of their preference, or will it be on the basis of their CGPA?


      It will strictly be on the basis of their CGPA because we feel only the meritorious students having a CGPA above 7.5 are academically sound enough to cope with the pressure of an extra course which is exhausting. Also, the choices of the students with a merit-based higher CGPA will be prioritized first.

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