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  • Recently, there have been a lot of changes made in the academic curriculum. There should be a seminar to help the students know about the changes made.What is your take on that?


      Yes, there have been a lot of changes made, especially for the students who have been promoted to second year from first year. Moreover, due to these changes, the registration process also got delayed. So, I agree with the fact that there should be an open house discussion in this regard. I will definitely talk to the Dean Academics or the Director about this.

  • What will be the dress code for the 16th Convocation? Considering the fact that many students were dissatisfied with the Sambalpuri dress code last year, is there any chance of rolling back to gown and cap dress code?


      There is a convocation committee which looks after these matters. I am one of the core members of the committee, but there is a separate section in the committee which looks after the Dress code. The Chairman of this section will finalize which dress code should be adopted for that particular convocation year. I will present my views as well the student’s views in front of the committee in the meeting. The dress code was chosen because Sambalpur is quite close to Rourkela and its culture is widespread not only across the country but also the world. Still, if it created dissatisfaction among the students, we will definitely take their opinions into consideration. I will put forth this thing in the meeting. Moreover, since we had Sambalpuri Dress code, it is likely that next time the dress code might change.

  • Will there be any limit on the number of students taking up the minor degree in a particular branch?


      Yes, there is a limit in each of the branches. We originally thought that the maximum number of students taking up each branch should be sixty. However, the Senate unanimously decided that the maximum intake in each branch would be forty. Most of the students are desirous of a degree in the core branches (CSE, EE, ME, ECE) and hence this rule was fixed with a view that the non-core branches will also be taken up as choices for minor degree and the seats there won't be vacant.

  • Even after collecting fine/penalty (for broken furniture, whitewash) from hall boarders why concerned repairs are still pending?


      I have recently taken charge of this position and therefore am ignorant of these issues. Nevertheless, I will surely look into the matter and take necessary actions.

  • Are water purifiers installed in all the halls in adequate numbers?


      We have made an effort to install sufficient water purifiers in all the halls before the start of the academic session. Although some purifiers lacked maintenance and had issues in electrical circuit-board, but we made sure all are functional.

  • A student has got admission in M-Tech (thermal engineering) through CCMT and he/she pays a fee of Rs. 82,000. If he/she now wants to cancel his/her seat owing to family issues, can the money be refunded?


      No, the fees cannot be refunded. This rule is in compliance with the laws of the Government of India, which states that the institute can refund the mess dues only. The money has been transferred to higher authorities and will be transacted to the account of the institute in subsequent months. Therefore, it is advisable that a student is well versed with each of the rules before taking admission lest he/she should face any inconvenience or agitation later. The ward's parents should also be saved from this trouble as coming from a bourgeois family; I know that 80k must be a king's ransom for them.

  • Will the caterer of MSS/DBA be changed this year?


      The mess caterer could not be changed this academic year owing to several administrative issues, one of them being the non-payment of PF and ESI to the caterer who has the mess tender. Also, the payment was exclusive of GST. Now the ordeal is once these three dues are cleared, the number of workers under him will increase so the same workers would not work for the entire mess duration (6:00 am-10:00 pm) and will work shift-wise. Also, adding these three surcharges is mandatory, so consequently, there will be a hike in mess fees of the students which is not appreciable by the parents. We are looking for other alternatives too, for instance, we may provide a base meal and other add-ons (to be paid by the students separately). So we are working on the best possible solution, its implications and its implementation; hence the tender period has been extended for another six months till we frame a decision

  • Will the multi-ethnic fest be held this year?


      There won’t be a multi-ethnic fest, but there will be a cultural festival in lieu of it. The fest will comprise of various cultural events and activities like dance, drama, music etc. It will also consist of various inter-hall competitions related to cultural activities. It will not be region wise; rather the events would be contested by a bunch of teams, formed as per the student's convenience. Earlier, the Inter-Hall events were confined to sports, and in a few of the Halls, there were other minor activities that were conducted, cultural events were not a part of inter-hall activities. The ambiance and atmosphere will be relished with highly entertaining cultural extravaganza.

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