Change in Convocation Dress Code

Started by Abel Mathew | Nov 23, 2017 | 3 Replies
Nov 23 at 21:24
With the new set of rules for the convocation dress code being implemented to end the colonial practice of gowns and robes, and to embrace more ethnic Sambalpuri attire, students have expressed their resentment at multiple platforms. With half of the NITR junta not belonging to the state of Odisha, the decision has created a huge uproar amongst the students, with many of the alumni being discontent with this decision. Team Monday Morning invites you to this platform for a healthy discussion on this topic with the purpose of gauging the pulse of the NITR junta on this sensitive issue.
Nov 25 at 23:10
This is ridiculous. Authorities must have taken the opinion of its major stakeholders because taking such decision. It is unfair to spoil the joy of degree recipients. Now a days authorities are just imposing rules on us without any reason
Jan 26 at 01:14
I think the spirit of upholding the indigenous traditions by ditching the robes and donning the kurtas would have been better justified had the decorated nobility on the dais (read Hon'ble XYZs) would have followed 'suit' and given up their 'suits' as well...
Jul 17 at 19:05
I totally agree

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