Mess Food in Hostels

Started by Someone | Dec 15, 2017 | 3 Replies
Dec 15 at 18:51
Mess food is becoming too worst day by day. It was also observed that caterers are not changed since long time but they just changed halls. I think losing the contract fear in catrer may increase food quality and food taste. Let us have a discussion on this topic
Dec 16 at 22:59
Being a topic of constant criticism, it is high time that the NITR Junta decides to make its view clear regarding the quality and quantity in the various mess of the institute. With the aim of improving the food quality, the mess caterers were shuffled, but as visible, the move has not brought any significant changes in the scenario. While penalising the caterers in case of poor quality is in practise, the complaint will have to be from a majority of the students and be conveyed through the mess secretaries of their respective halls, so that the administration is notified about it. Let us have a fruitful discussion as to how one can reach a consensus on determining the food quality, as there are various parameters to determine it and taking subsequent steps to increase the quality and quantity of food.
Dec 16 at 23:15
At the beginning of the academic year, the authorities wanted to bring new caterers, advertisements were released and quotations were invited. The institute received several responses. But to the utter dismay of authorities, none of them were ready to run the mess at a daily cost of INR 93. The fear of losing contract would generate only when there are competitors and that would happen only when the institute decides to increase the Mess fees, else it's tough to attract new caterers. Another viable alternative to this can be the implementation of coupon system, where the students decide the number of meals that they would've in their respective mess (or any other mess in the institute, for that matter). This would give them the discretion to choose the mess and the meal as per the quality of the food served by the caterer. And hence, the competition between existing caterers would increase and the entire system will improve consequently.
Jan 04 at 08:00
mess food is not good and daily quality is becoming worst. but now we have relax because they reduce the fee by around 5K.

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