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Apr 29 at 14:04
National Institute of Technology Rourkela Overseas Alumni Association (NITROAA) is a USA based organization for alumni of NIT Rourkela settled in North America. Our alumni have been immigrated to this country since the first batch of engineers who graduated from the erstwhile REC Rourkela. Since then, there has been a steady influx of alumni to US and Canada.It is estimated that at least 1500 NIT alumni currently reside in this part of the world. The idea was to create a global alumni network with the objectives of providing a social and professional networking platform and empowering our alma mater in several other ways. For more information visit number of NITR graduates enrolling each year for higher education (Master, PhD and MBA) in US universities, is steadily increasing. However, the overall number is low compared to IITs. This forum will help you get in touch with some of the most distinguished alumni currently based in USA, who would address all your pertinent doubts and queries regarding overseas studies, scope of research, accommodation and more. So why wait, get all your concerns addressed right now by replying to this thread.
May 03 at 11:35
Can anyone tell me about Scholarship schemes available to pursue M.Des in the U.S?
May 03 at 13:59
After getting an admission , try to explore the work undertaken by the professors and identify the fields which you would like to work in. After that try contacting them with your resume and experience in the said field. This would help a lot to present a case. Be persistent and contact as many people as you can. Asking existing students also helps.
May 03 at 15:11
What are the most important parameters which should be kept in mind while profile building for foreign internships and subsequently, masters abroad?
May 03 at 15:17
What is the overall cost of pursuing phD in VLSI domain in a reputed institute in US. Also since the work visa scheme is in a state of limbo ,is there a scheme to cover the expenses ?
May 03 at 16:06
Which regions in USA/Canada have a higher number of biomedical industries? Will selecting a university in such a region increase the chances of job opportunities in the respective field?
May 05 at 07:23
@Nitrlegend : Usually when you get into a PhD program in the USA ( even in VLSI ) the university or the department or your professor offers you some kind of a scholarship/fellowship/assistantship. So all your expenses will be covered ( tuition, health insurance, etc.), and additionally you get a stipend too.
May 05 at 09:46
@Rishabh Bajaj: Internships and graduate programs are research driven. Getting involved in research activities is advisable. Research internships also build your profile for graduate school. When a professor gets a resume for an internship position, he usually looks for few points: 1. Is the candidate familiar with our work or do they at least understand what we do? 2. Have they worked in a research environment before? 3. Do they have necessary skills to complete the projects? 4. Is the person involved in co-curricular activities, or has worked in a team environment? 5. Recommendations.
May 05 at 09:48
@Sujitha J: Biomedical engineering positions have kind of diverse requirements. If you are looking for regulatory positions, the states with most production factories will have the target job (Indiana/ Wisconsin/ California/ Mass. / Texas/ Florida). If you are looking for R&D labs, the majority of them are in California and Boston with few on the east coast. If you are looking for postdoc or academic position, they are kind of everywhere, and job openings depend on funding level. Yes, it helps if you are a local student, so that companies don’t have to pay for relocation. It is also easy to do networking if you are physically located near the target industry.
Mar 19 at 12:03
That seems like a great institution for those who want to pursue higher education in US.
Mar 22 at 19:08
thanks for info.......

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