How to make corrections in pan card details?

Started by CharlieSamuel | Nov 28, 2018 | 1 Reply
Nov 28 at 16:00
I need to make corrections in my pan card online. Which one is better online or offline? Please tell me the exact answer here. I have applying my pan card already. But i had given my date of birth wrong. So i need to change the date in my pan card details. I am also paying fees for my application. Shall i change my photo in that application?What is the rule for paste my photo in that application. I need size and other details. I have applied with bank for my pan card.
I am getting better process and required matters are available in my hand. I have given correct spelling and getting some of news about the pan card. I am getting some of ideas and true information from my friend. My friend told me pan card corrections are very easy to make with online. I am having some of problem in get my investment amount. I need that amount for home repair. I have invested that amount in Bank at 2014. Now i need to collect 100000 Rs. At this time bank asking me to submit the pan card for collecting your money.
But it is getting some of correction also. I am not getting pan card in my hand. It is processing now. How to collect my money in bank. I am getting only acknowledgement number. It is helps for check my status about my pan card. I am getting important documents and passport for submitting proof of my pan card. I have maintaining the process with that bank. I am getting messages for pan card processing. How to change the details in pan card. I am not getting any way for correct it.
My wife tells me to login with your details and easy to change it in online. But i am getting fear about the changes are appear in my pan card or not.
Jan 07 at 09:03
There is a separate form to fill for changes in PAN card. I had the same problem. So I filled the form and sent it. I got the name change done and the new PAN card in less than 15 days. The link for the form is provided here. You don't have to surrender your old pan card. You can retain it for any reference purpose, but once after you get your new pan card you should get it updated in all bank accounts, demat account and other mutual funds through KYC documents. Any question ask care

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