Sifting Through the Census – SAC Inductions

Sifting Through the Census – SAC Inductions

Aug 19, 2015 | Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton

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The Student Activity Centre (SAC) of NIT, Rourkela is a central hub for student activities and organizations. It is a place where fresh and creative ideas are meant to be nurtured, talent honed and the finer arts and culture of the student body is given the arena to show-off their skills. The SAC is supposed to be the backbone of all extracurricular activities in NITR, a place where the sprightly struggle of games and sports is highlighted, where literature, poetry and music are given the pedestal then so fiercely demand.

And now, for the first time in the history of NITR, SAC orientations and inductions were held, advertising the Centre’s many societies and pursuits, hoping to publicize its importance to the spry young minds that joined the institute so very recently.

But what does the student body of NIT Rourkela actually think about the SAC orientations and inductions? The opinions of the voting populace were recorded through the poll that ran last week, asking “How effective will the introduction of SAC orientations and inductions be in making SAC a more efficient body?

The quota of the voting populace who are optimistic about the idea is just above half the voters at 55%, who say that “It will help SAC improve itself.” Improving the Student Activity Centre would in turn merit a larger participation from the student body, which is always a fortuitous event for the institute.

The proportion of voters that say “The step won’t make much of a difference” comprise of about one-third of the total voters at 32%. The cynicism of these voters can most certainly be empathized with, given the circumstances of the SAC the year before. However, one can always hope for a better future and a change for the better with the infusion of fresh blood into an organization.

Finally, the fraction of the populace who do not care either way and say flat out that “We are not really interested about SAC activities” make up 13% of the tally. It is a sad thing to see that more than a tenth of the student body does not care about SAC activities. Perhaps it would be judicious to make students aware of the importance of extra-curricular activities in both their career and their campus life.

Whether people may be optimistic or skeptical regarding the outcome of SAC’s experiment, the impact of SAC’s orientation and inductions has been felt by everyone in the campus. Whether SAC is improved or stagnates, the orientations are a welcome addition to the repertoire of the events in the institute. However, only time will tell us about the outcome of this endeavor.

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