Probing the Polls: The Food Delivery Dilemma

Probing the Polls: The Food Delivery Dilemma

Aug 24, 2015 | Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton

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Hostel life does not come easy to anyone. Perhaps the most harrowing of all the challenges a boarder might face in hostels is the prospect of fixed food menus. The repeating repertoire of various dishes prepared in the hostel mess, assorted canteens and restaurants within the campus is enough to lead anyone to seek the luxury of a change in diet by ordering food from outside the precincts.

The latest change in policy of the institute in deciding to stop delivery of food brought in from outside the campus has sparked a controversy and intense debate within the student body, especially among hostel boarders.

The opinions of the NITR populace were recorded in last week’s poll by posing the question, ‘Is the restriction on ordering food from outside the campus justified?

The chunk of the populace who feel that, yes; it creates litter and hygiene is not guaranteed make up 16% of the voters. These voters consider the import of outside food into the hostels to be an ill-advised venture. They worry that outside food is not consumed and the leftovers disposed of with regard for sanitation, jeopardizing the hygiene of the hostel boarders, by attracting both pathogens and stray dogs.

However a major portion of the voters, standing at a vast majority of 76%, say that no; the restriction is an inconvenience. They find the new policy of the institute to be a major inconvenience, wasting both their time and money. The gamut of available choices of the available foodstuff within the premises of the institute is not satisfactory to them; they exhibit a strong gripe that the new stance taken up by the institute is both vexing and perplexing.

Finally, about 8% of the voting populace remains indifferent toward the issue, stating ‘It does not affect me.’ Perhaps they do not order from outside restaurants at all and are satisfied with the food that can be obtained from the various shops and restaurants within the campus. Or perhaps they only order food from registered companies like Dominoes Pizza. Either way, these voters have taken a neutral stance on the subject.

This poll has shown unequivocally that the vast majority students do not agree with the management’s decision to stop the import of outside food into the campus. The alternative to importing outside food is of course physically travelling to restaurants outside the campus, which is more expensive in terms of both money and time.

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