Maintaining Standards: Differently-Abled Campus Aids

Maintaining Standards: Differently-Abled Campus Aids

Mar 28, 2016 | Sravan Potnuru

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Every institute must accommodate the needs of differently-abled students on campus in order to truly live up to global standards and provide an enriched campus life for students and other residents.

Team MM conducted a poll in order to elicit opinion on how much comfort was being provided to the differently abled segment of the student population.

The question of the hour was, “How well do you think the institute is enabled to cater to the needs of differently-abled students?”

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27 percent of the population felt that the facilities available on campus were sufficient for the differently abled section of students to enjoy a comfortable stay on campus. In terms of visible aids, the institute does have mobility aids like ramps, and wheelchairs. Wheeled mobility aids, elevators, grab rails are located, at least in a few of the buildings on the main academic area.

A whopping 63 percent felt that the current facilities are lacking, in terms of providing convenience and comfort for the differently abled. Several supplementary aids found in other premier institutes are missing in NIT Rourkela. The facilities are either absent or inadequate to cater to the current population of such students. More ramps and elevators should be introduced in areas of concern. Some of the more advanced facilities that can be provided include clothing and special dressing stores, Braille equipment and classroom desk attachments like magnifiers for the visually challenged, writing aids and sign language resources, bath aids, special orthopedic footwear, fall detectors and cleaning resources, sports and exercise equipment.

The remaining 10 percent was of the opinion that the percent of differently abled people was so small that it wasn’t as much of a concern. While apathy towards the differently abled is strongly discouraged, the fact does remain that they do comprise a small segment of the population, and it is natural that any fund diversions for the improvement of facilities provided are given slightly lesser priority. That said, a few improvements are highly desired in order to stay in line with global standards of campus living.

These conclude the week’s poll analysis with there being a clear and noticeable majority of students desiring improvements in the level of facilities currently provided. 

Poll Analysis


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