To Club or Not To Club

To Club or Not To Club

Apr 05, 2016 | Sujitha Jayaraj

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Clubs in a technical institute are of great significance. Some clubs allow students to pursue their interests. Some others hone the technical abilities of the NITRians. Club culture at NITR, while better than some other institutes, isn’t exactly the ideal scenario. Clubs at NITR come under three societies: Technical society, Literary and Cultural Society and the Film and Music Society. Team MM had conducted a poll to capture the opinion of the NITR populace to analyze the trends of the club culture at NITR.

34% have said that there are diverse clubs for one to pursue his interests and excel at it.

This signifies the crowd who are satisfied at the number of clubs and the way they function. NITR has clubs that participate in national and international competitions. They also provide a socializing atmosphere where people with similar interests mingle around. The clubs are also student friendly with little to none intervention from the faculty. With a certain degree of freedom and autonomy given to the clubs, it is completely possible of one to be satisfied with the club culture here. This satisfied state of mind leads to more involvement in the club activities with a greater dedication.

54% have accepted that the number of clubs is excessive and redundant resulting in insignificant funds and a dearth of opportunities.

One has to accept the redundancy in the clubs at NITR. With new clubs coming into existence every other week, there is a requirement for SAC to distribute funds among these one too many clubs. This leads to a heavy budget crunch in the clubs leading to the inadequacy of funds for legitimate activities. It often requires the students to put in money from their own pockets. The fact that a significant number of people feel there is a need for improvement in the club culture is more because this will lead to constant improvement of the clubs registered under SAC.

An alarming 12% have said that they are not concerned with the club culture. The lack of involvement from such a major chunk of NITR populace is alarming to say the least. The clubs have been created to serve various purposes from socializing to development of personality and honing of technical and cultural skills. It is surprising when a student is unable to find any purpose to join any of the innumerable clubs on campus.

Many reforms are required in the policies of SAC with respect to the opening of new clubs, budget breakup etc. With the incoming of another set of SAC representatives, Team MM hopes for a much improved scenario with regard to the administration and functioning of clubs. May the winning candidates lead SAC to a better tomorrow.

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