Willingly Wasteful?

Willingly Wasteful?

Apr 18, 2016 | Seemadri Subhadarshini

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As rightly quoted, today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage. Food is indispensable for our existence. It provides us with the basic essential nutrients required for our growth and survival. Food indeed is too good to waste. In order to assess the food wastage in our institute, Team MM had conducted a poll to take into account the opinion of the NITR populace on food wastage in the institute.

A major chunk of NITR junta, as high as 95% agreed that food wastage is a major issue in hostels and during occasions.

These people agree that the students are wasteful in their eating habits. Whether it is the quality or taste of the food in the mess or the unthinking attitude of the students themselves, food wastage is a serious issue even in the case of Hall Days, Grand Farewell Feasts and so on. With such a high fraction of voters admitting to the scenario of gross wastage, it is a major concern that in spite of realizing that food is being wasted the students are insensitive to the issue at hand.

Only a meager 4% thought that there is no wastage of food in the institute.

This section of the populace feels that the current level of wastage is unavoidable taking into consideration the number of students. The overall quality of the food in the mess as well as the differences tastes from one student to another makes it impossible for there to be zero food wastage and this small fraction of students believe that current levels are acceptable

1% of the NITR populace is too indifferent to food wastage that they feel it doesn’t concern them.   

These are the people who either don’t care about what is going on around them or are too busy and self-absorbed that they have become too apathetic to evaluate their circumstances and actions.

Our routine practices, unfortunately, makes it difficult for us to conceptualize the magnitude of food waste in our institute. The problem is bigger than we think. Wasting food is often a subconscious act. It is time when we become aware of how much food we throw away. 

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