A Pedestal of Innovation?

A Pedestal of Innovation?

Sep 15, 2016 | Rohit Biswas

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NIT Conclave, ever since it`s commencement in 2010, has proven to be a successful platform for all the 31 NITs to come forward and discuss their common problems so that a solution plan can be chalked out for each of the issues. They would later be forwarded to Ministry of Human Resources and Development as an official draft suggesting possible solutions and improvements. It is signed by the directors of all the institutes so that it can be brought into effect positively at the earliest.

The 6th edition this conclave was hosted by NIT Rourkela. It was not only a matter of pride and joy but also a responsibility which needed to be carried out to the best of our ability since multiple NITs and dignitaries were invited to this event. The theme of this conclave was ‘Under Graduate Research.' The discussions and presentations stressed upon the gradation of syllabus and change of curriculum in sync with practical learning which would improve the scenario eventually boosting the undergraduate research. The following poll results encapsulate how much did the students of the host NIT participate and subsequently benefit from the event..


Around 7% of the masses found that the organization was not up to the mark.

In this case, any shortcoming on the part of the organizing committee would not remain constricted only to NIT Rourkela but would be reflected on the national scale since 19 NITs across the nation participated in this summit. The dysfunctional Air-Conditioning system in BBA and starting the event hours late than the scheduled time were some of the glitches which drew attention towards the faults in the organization. While the guests frowned upon the quality of food served in guest houses, it`s of the best quality, ostensibly, which the institute offers. Thus, ‘Food Quality’ becomes an important issue which should be taken into serious consideration before organizing any such event of national repute in future.


An exact double, 14% of the student population felt that they benefited from the conclave and were satisfied with the arrangements.

Over a period of 3 days, presentations replete with innovative ideas and solutions were put up by multiple NITs for debating. These discussions tried to achieve a solid solution along with the input of dignitaries which would be consequently agreed upon by all the NITs so that an official draft can be forwarded to MHRD and the conclave can attain its objective at the earliest for a greater good.


A humungous part of the Institute, 79% didn`t attend the Conclave.

This large number of students who were disinterested to participate in this event not only shows a lack of interest among students in such matters but also reflects poorly on the student culture of the institute. In spite of sending an official email for induction of various teams for the Conclave, the turn up in the first round was so little that organizers were forced for a second series of selection though the latter also didn`t prove to be much successful. The team representing NIT Rourkela, this time, consisted of only three sophomores instead of the usual five-membered team owing to a lesser number of applications for the same. An event like this which aims at the direct benefit on the NITians should indeed have an overflowing participation rather than a meek number of people interested in participating in this process of transformation. It also lacks the enthusiasm among the students who desire a change but refrain from becoming a part of it. Adding to the woe is the fact that it was organized during a long weekend. As a result of that, a huge chunk of the populace remained out of station to witness the event. 

The most important conclusion that can be drawn from this poll results is that students of NITR need to be motivated to participate in events not only limited to institute but also which sees a national participation. Such events are an opportunity for them to learn the basics of teamwork and ethics of work culture. It also provides them an opportunity to increase their network by talking to people from various institutes and different backgrounds. 

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