Nominations: Boon or a Bane?

Nominations: Boon or a Bane?

Mar 06, 2017 | Sampoojya Choppalli

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While every year NITRians are busy with the elections which are of utmost importance as they get to choose the ones whom they think are the right kind of people who can take up the responsibilities of SAC, the Director and the Dean (SW) also nominate few representatives to each of the four societies - Technical, Games and Sports, Film & Music and Literary & Cultural. According to the constitution of SAC, the Dean will take into consideration the sections of student population such as female students, postgraduate and research scholars or students from specific geographical locations, departments and hostels who may not be adequately represented through the election process. Team MM made an effort to understand the perception of the NITR junta about the matter through this week’s poll asking, “Should nominated posts be abolished entirely?”

“About 57% of the students felt that they should be abolished, as they do not reflect the public opinion and breed nepotism.”

As these representatives are not elected by the students of NITR and also because there are representatives already elected by them, they do not think these nominations are necessary. Also, this raises a question about how and on what basis they are nominated as there is no clarity or transparency of the procedure among the students, reducing the accountability and assessment of caliber of the members. 

“31% of junta thinks they should not be abolished, as they help represent minorities that cannot be elected.”

Certain candidates who work hard for the welfare of SAC or for fests, cannot be democratically elected due to various reasons owing to popularity, zonal bias, gender bias, etc. Also, in many cases, it is seen that these nominated members work harder since they have an additional burden to discharge. Thus, their place in SAC helps improve the general state of affairs. 

“12% of the junta thinks it does not matter whether the posts are abolished or not.”

Lack of knowledge or interest in SAC activities and its responsibilities may not bother some people at all. It doesn’t really matter to them if the people taking care of the fests are elected by them or not, as long as matters are in control. Hence, they are not sure if they should be or shouldn’t be abolished entirely.

Nominees help in bridging the gap between SAC, students and the authorities i.e., the Director and the Dean(SW). But these nominations are not transparent enough for students to understand on what basis they are done. Now since the academic year has almost come to an end, and a massive restructuring is underway, one can hope that the concerned committee takes these various facts into account before mandating its conclusions.

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