The Central Lockdown?

The Central Lockdown?

Mar 20, 2017 | Swetaparna Sarangi

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As an institute of national importance, NITR boasts of world class research facilities and laboratory. The reality is far from this. With limited functional equipment, care and maintenance of these become an issue of utmost importance. In a recent interview with the Director, Animesh Biswas it was revealed that most of the high-end equipment will soon be under a centralized system which would oversee their care.

So Team Monday Morning conducted a survey among the NITR junta to gauge their views on the question “Should a central laboratory facility be present for high-end research equipment?”

A huge 78% felt that “It was an essential step in the streamlining the process of using the equipment and its maintenance.”.

With high-end equipment sprawled across different departments, they are monopolised by the respective departments. This delays the process of repairs in case the equipment breaks down. A central laboratory facility can ensure that the equipment has timely repairs. This central laboratory would ensure that everyone has equal access to the equipment which could in turn, encourage inter-departmental research without the tedious hassle of paperwork and permission and overall benefit the research scenario. With the high-end equipment no longer a department’s responsibility, the attention could be diverted in repairs of general equipment.

A humble 14% felt that “This system requires a lot of capital which can be used to repair the currently defunct equipment.”.

With most of the everyday use equipment dysfunctional, many feel that a centralised laboratory would be a good step after the general repairs are done. Due to lack of expert technicians, defunct equipment stay the same way for a long time and the functional ones are overused to a point of breakdown. It is essential that the necessary repairs are made immediately. Since the making and running of such a central laboratory would require separate fund allocation and another set of paperwork, this step is not important.

A low 8% were unaffected with the existence or not- existence of such a facility.

Preferably this sect belongs to the group of students who do not place research as a top priority in their academia and are sort of may be looking other avenues to make a career.

Overall, we can say that a Central Laboratory may not be the need of the hour but is a top priority in the long run so as to make sure cutting edge research can be carried out in NITR.

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