Mar 27, 2017 | Partha Dhal Sriya Sainath

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From strengthening one’s mind to promoting leadership skills, extra-curricular activities can help students acquire skills beyond academic endeavours, developing a well-rounded student. When academic track record isn’t just enough to secure a graduate job, these extra-curricular activities come to rescue. They not only look impressive on a résumé, but also make good conversation topics during job interviews. At times they also act as great alternative career options for students.

Through clubs, extra-curricular activities help students to pursue passions outside the standardized academic text and offer them to interact with others having similar interests; making them socially skilled and teaching them the importance of responsibility, commitment and teamwork.

While our website is flooded with various club reviews at the end of the academic year, team Monday gathers views of the NITR junta on the question “Do you think extra-curricular activities have lost their significance in our institute?”

An enormous chunk of 74% of the people believes that “Yes the dismal participation in few of the recent events stand testimonial.”

While everyone is busy chasing their grades and getting the 9 pointer tag, taking a nap or revising a chapter or two becomes a wiser and safer option than actively participating in an extra-curricular activity during leisure time. The members turning inactive in a particular club is rising at an alarming rate as they lose their enthusiasm in that particular activity and find it hectic to run errands for the club, which in turn makes the club affairs very monotonous and repetitive, that reflects in their events, resulting in a dismal amount of participation.

A considerable 16% of NITR thinks that “The vibrant culture of extra-curricular and clubs is very much alive and their events serve as a reminder for the same.”

Amongst the dying crowd of clubs and extra-curricular, some of these manage to retain and nurture their shine and their events continue to get humongous participation. These extra-curricular activities continue to be the beacon of hope for the NITR junta that can help revive from the fading club activities and rejuvenate the extra-curricular in NITR.

A good 10% of the people surveyed say “I don’t care about this.”

A fair share of people remains unaffected by the extra-curricular happenings and the club affairs.

NITR is well known for its diversified club activities and extracurricular, a large section of the crowd believing that it has lost its significance calls for a reality check from both the ends, the clubs to come with newer and better events and the students to actively participate in them as well.

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