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Apr 03, 2017 | Abyakta Patra Partha Dhal

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The official website of an institute plays a vital role in connecting the institute with the outer world. It not only lets the world know of the institute’s strengths but also provides every small detail that may serve helpful to the students, faculty, alumni and aspirants of the Institute. Recently, NITR updated its official website and Team MM conducted a survey among the NITR junta to know their response to the question “How would you rate the new institute website?”

A convincing 49% of the NITR junta voted that they “find the website ergonomic and responsive.”

The official website of our institute was not updated since a long time, and there was a long-standing demand to revamp it. So such an initiative by the authorities had been perceived positively by our readers. The new template of the Home Page seems impressive, and one can easily find what he’s searching for. The tabs and quick-links have become more responsive, and the old pictures have been replaced by newer ones. Visitors can also personalize their views by changing the settings, an option for which is present at the left-hand side border of the home page. So for the above reasons near about half of the populace feel that the website is more ergonomic and responsive.

A significant 41% of NITR feels that “the website is uninspired and lacks significant upgrade from the last phase.”

This is primarily because there have not been any changes in any of the web pages except the Home Page. We are directed back to the old website after selecting any tab of the Home Page. With a new home-page which directs us back to the old website, this update seems like wrapping an old book in a new cover instead of looking for ways to revise and remodel it. Also, there has not been any changes in the information provided on the website. The website lacks information about several faculties, which could have been updated during the revamping process.

A dismal 11% of NITR populace were not affected by the launch of the new website. 

This is because this set of people was more interested in the content of the website and didn’t really care about the way things were presented.  So they opted to be indifferent without thinking much about the change in the website.

Summing up the responses, we can conclude that it is really appreciable that the authorities have decided to update the website after a long time. But we can’t afford to have a website which directs us back to the old web pages. Noting that the official website is the only point of contact between the institute and the outer world, we should definitely look for ways to include new features in the Home Page, by which it can be made more user-friendly.

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