Apr 10, 2017 | Partha Dhal

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During the first weekend of April 2017, the Film and Music Society introduced NITR to a first of its kind festival, Roots. Hosting celebrated creative personalities from various fields like art, design, photography etc.; Roots aimed at rejuvenating the club culture of our institute and providing a platform for creative minds to meet, by means of various workshops, guest lectures and seminars.
Like every other fest, Roots 2k17 had to undergo the NITR mass scanner to get a stakeholder’s opinion on its performance.


The section of NITR junta that didn’t attend Roots 2k17, emerged as the largest group, consisting of 48% of the populace.

With end-semester examinations knocking the door, the scorching Rourkela heat and the first weekend of April marking the onset of the farewell season, no wonder Roots 2k17 had such a disappointingly large number of people not attending it. The lack of enough publicity added to all of this and left a large section of NITR ignorant about the happenings and by the time they got to know about the events, it was too late to accommodate them into their schedules. Moreover, most of the events being workshops and seminars, unlike fun events as seen in other fests, attracted only a selected section of students who were genuinely interested.


A significant 32% of NITR felt that it was a well-conducted fest, with a lot of great events and a fruitful learning experience.

Although the amount of participation in the events were dismal, the creative enthusiasts made it certain to attend a workshop or two. No prizes for guessing, they loved it! Having such eminent creative personalities for the events ensured a great learning experience for everyone. Secondly, with less crowd to control, the management part became much easier and smoother for the organisers and was admired by the guests as well as the people who attended it.


About 20% of the students felt that it was dismal in terms of participation, publicity and other factors.

Although the events were great learning experiences for the people who attended them, the dismal amount of participation reflected the potential that they hold, that was never exploited. Better publicity and other factors like timing of the events could have lured a higher number of crowd to make it a bigger success.


Considering the fact that a fest like Roots was organised for the first time in our institute, we have seen the great potential that it holds as well as the things that went wrong. If such little mistakes are taken care of, Roots could be the next sensation in our institute in the years to come.

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