BPCL Woes: NITR’s Response

BPCL Woes: NITR’s Response

Aug 14, 2017 | Niharika

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As an institute of national repute, NITR heralds an extensive treasure trove of knowledge within the Biju Pattnaik Central Library (BPCL). The facility currently houses over 75,000 books; 18,000 back volumes of periodicals as well as the license for access to over 2000 online research journals. Starting from the examination time to solving the conundrum of assignments, the NITR junta takes salvage under the roof of the library. The students are, however, not allowed to take their personal books into the library and are only allowed to use their books in the reading room. On a recent survey conducted by Team MM on the question 

Do you think one should be allowed to take his/ her own books inside the library?

the NITR junta has expressed its varied views.

A significant 71% of NITR junta feels that one should be allowed to take the books inside the library. The library should be open to carrying personal books inside it as it might occur, at times, the library might not have certain books. Moreover, the students experience a major problem during examinations, when the resources are limited and the space in the reading room is not sufficient to accommodate more than a few students at a time. A proper system using registers can be maintained to tackle the chaos and confusion.

While a meager 9% has a notion that it would be difficult for the authorities to keep account of the books belonging to the library.

It is quite strenuous to manage a record of all the incoming and outgoing books and requires additional manpower to supervise it. Furthermore, it would be a cumbersome process, for the authority as well as the students. 

According to a dismal 20% of the populace, the reading room of the library should be extended to accommodate more students.

Currently, the major issue brooding over the students is the acute space shortage in the reading room, thus creating a discontent amongst the students. Provision of a spacious reading room would significantly reduce the problems and this would be a great alternative too.

Garnering all the facts and figures, it can be concluded that a solution needs to be ascertained in favor of both the authorities and the students, so the latter’s grievances could be resolved. Additionally, the extension in the reading room to make it more spacious would also benefit the NITR junta tremendously.

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