Ensuring Genuine Elections: Public Opinion

Ensuring Genuine Elections: Public Opinion

Aug 21, 2017 | Yash Shah

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Elections can be a primary tool to foster new plans and developments. So, amidst the present scenario of voting and elections at NITR, whether it is a hall election, SAC election or any other such election of importance, it is very vital and essential that the elections are conducted in a genuine and unbiased manner. Keeping this in mind, Team MM conducted a poll to gauge the opinion of the NITR Junta regarding the means of elections.

Should SAC elections be held through paper ballot system?

To this, a majority 58% of people think that the paper ballot system would provide more transparency to the entire process. This would eliminate the cases of voters indulging in events of providing their NITRIS username and password to campaigners who misuse it to get votes in their favor.

A minimal 15% feel that this system would be cumbersome and the chances of malpractice may increase. The most challenging part of paper ballot system is its successful management, Even in cases of minor loopholes in the management, it may lead to an even more biased and unfair election. If not supervised properly, paper entries can be easily increased by the influence of campaigners, giving way to an unprofessional conduct.

Another 27% of the NITR Junta thinks that instead of introducing paper ballot system for voting, the present day portal for voting should be made more secure. If improvised and made more secure, the portal can eliminate the requirement of plenty of papers, thus making elections eco-friendly as well as totally fair.

Considering the above statistics, the introduction of paper ballot system at present would definitely suffice the requirement of just and impartial elections, but in long run, it would be wise to come up with an idea to safeguard the online portal and at the same time make it more user-friendly and authentic. 

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