Allotments Justified? : Technical Society Budget Woes

Allotments Justified? : Technical Society Budget Woes

Sep 03, 2017 | Ankit Kumar Panda

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With the new academic year kicking in, the SAC has undergone some significant changes. The newly appointed SAC President, Prof. Snehasish Chakraverty passed the budget of technical society for the academic year 2017-2018. A major change that surfaced in the micro budget was the workshops being allotted funds under a different head as opposed to the previous years.

To gauge the opinion of the NITR populace about the event, Team MM came up with a poll last week:

Was the decision to allot money from the Technical Society's budget for the conduction of workshops justified?

Out of the responses received, 46% of the voters supported the allotment as they agreed with the first option i,e, this would be very fruitful as the money could be utilized in conducting useful workshops’. The money being allotted under a separate head will make the usage of funds transparent. At the same time, it will be helpful in conducting more productive workshops in addition to the workshops organised by the various clubs as of right now.

38% of them felt that ‘ this will hamper the activities of various clubs as their respective budgets are reduced.’ The new budget made significant cuts in the budget which resulted in some disappointment among the clubs. The reduction in club funds gave the clubs limited funds to dedicate to their projects and ventures. The fund crunch also meant the clubs are going to work with substandard equipment. All of these factors made 38% of the population to feel that such an allocation caused more harm than good.

16% of the voters chose the option ‘I don't have any idea regarding the recent budget allocation of the technical society.’ There always is, in any discussion, a particular sect which remains indifferent throughout the course. These represent the unaware sections of the populace who do not concern themselves to know the aftermath of the budget allocations.

The positive taken from this is the response of the NITR populace appreciating the initiative of SAC. This step of the SAC is for the good or a major blunder that only time will tell but to say the least, it is entirely praiseworthy.  

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